completed build

  1. Lucius

    John Smith's Shallop [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello Everybody, When the early colonists came to the New World at the turn of XVI-XVII centuries, they quickly realized a need in a small, universal and durable boats to explore the coast safely and to start trade relations with local North American tribes in this region. One of the most...
  2. Adiefenbach

    Model Expo Confederacy [Completed Build]

    Had been waiting for Part 3 of the Granado kit to come out a while back and started the Model Expo Confederacy while waiting. I had posted earlier on their great customer support providing a few missing parts and the very instructive and complete manual. I have basically finished as much as I...
  3. J

    Mercedes WW I Aero Engine (Model Airways - 1:16) [COMPLETED BUILD]

    20221111 Started work on the 3rd of the Model Airways WW I aero engines – the Mercedes 1917 F-1466-3A; a 6-cylinder in-line used on the Albatross. Work actually began a couple of weeks ago but along with being sporadic I’ve been taking my time to paint the model as I go. I decided that I would...
  4. Andris

    Hayling 1760 (my first kit) [COMPLETED BUILD]

    to this moment....
  5. François

    1/8 scale Endeavour 17 kayak [COMPLETED BUILD]

    A few years ago, a friend gave me a set of plans to build a 17 foot cendar kayak. Althougt l'm a pretty good wood worker, I'm not about to build a full size kayak. Especially not with the price of lumber these days. Besides, you kinda need a lake or a river to use one which I don't. So the...
  6. François

    Modified shark 24 1/16 scale scratch build [COMPLETED BUILD]

    10 years ago, a sailor friend of mine asked me if I'd be willing to build him a wooden 24 foot sailboat around an old Shark 24 fiber glass hull. I could'n resist. So 2 years later he had a nice wooden sailboat. The thing is, aside from a shop full of wood scrap, I didn't have anything to remind...
  7. Martin555.

    Another Halcon 1:100 scale [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hi Guys, For some time now I have been toying with the idea of going back to making ships in bottles again as they take up a lot less space in the house and still take quite a bit of time to make, especially if you drink the contents first.LOL!! After completing HMB Endeavour I started looking...
  8. Paul L

    The Mayflower by Amati [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I just joined SOS so as far as the Mayflower goes I have her almost complete, you can see the full build so far here:- A couple of points to note if anyone is thinking of building this one, there are some errors on the plans, like some part...
  9. Ornholt

    "Avos"1:72 from Master Korabel [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hull almost done. This is a Nice kit. The quality is excellent. But nothing to recommend for a befinner.
  10. S

    GIUNCA cinese pirata / Amati 1:?? [COMPLETED BUILD]

    In 1994 I have built this junk for a friend, who sailed in those areas in the fleet of the KJCPL/RIL . Jan

    Tamiya Leopard 2A6 1/16 Upgraded [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hi All I had a sabbatical from ships a little while ago.During that time I built the model pictured below over about 12 months.This is the Full option kit with additional upgrades including; King Kong RC cast magnesium lower hull King Kong RC fully ball raced CNC aluminium road wheels and...
  12. François

    Model Airways Fokker Eindecker [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I'm new at posting a build log so please bear with me. Also, being french Canadian, my english grammar might not always be to par. I started my Fokker Eindecker build and so far so good. I was a bit surprised to see how bent out of shape many white metal parts were but I soon found out that...
  13. Jack Jäger

    The sailing beam trawler Erycina from Vanguard Models [COMPLETED BUILD]

    My next build was to be the POF. HMS Blandford 1720 - 20 Gun 6th rate Frigate, but she will now wait until the long dark nights of winter. Having ordered Blandford through Dry-Dock Models & Parts, (first class service btw.),and as the kit was coming from China I expected it to take several weeks...
  14. S

    'Elidir' / Constructo 1:26 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    In 1993 I have built the 'Elidir'. On completion I give her the Dutch flag and her name was changed into 'Runamara' , after the title of a Dutch book about a mermaid.
  15. Ettienne

    Soviet Nanuchka Class Missile Corvettes 1/700 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Dear shipmates, To ease myself into shipbuilding again, after the Italeri 1/720 Lutzow, I have decided to start some work on something small. The Dragon 1/700 (Kit #7011) Soviet Nanuchka Class Missile Corvettes. At first glance the detail is typically Dragon, I would venture to say above...
  16. Edmund

    Revell's Harbour Tug in 1:108 scale [COMPLETED BUILD]

    When I saw tugboat models made by Barry (Mighty Mite) and Careloo (Ulysses), I also wanted to build an interesting old tugboat. I started looking for a kit and came across a Revell model: It is as old as the World model. Not the best quality but I could not find any other old plastic tugboat...
  17. J

    Calella (OcCre 1:15) [COMPLETED BUILD]

    20220529 Started the OcCre Calella a couple of weeks ago. Work on it has been slow as the day job has had me travelling. When looking for a next boat model, this one caught my eye. A colorful oar-powered fishing craft equipped with lights for attracting the catch-of-the-day. At 1:15 it is a...
  18. G

    Royal Yacht, Duchess of Kingston [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Intro This is my first boat build. I chose this model from Vanguard Models because the boat itself is well designed and full of detail and the instruction manual is well organized and includes nice step by step pictures. Plus I went through a few builds of the same boat in this forum, and it...
  19. gibby_74

    Lynx by Panart [Completed Build]

    Well I am a glutton for punishment. Getting board with the independence so I decided to start the lynx. Quick inventory of the kit. Some of the planking will be changed out. As it looks it's not the best directions. The AL and the panart directions are pretty non existent all you have to go...
  20. lakedaisy

    Mantua Golden Star 1:150 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    My 2nd build (since 1984) Mantua Golden Star. The sails are not included in the kit. Images of the full size sails are on the diagram sheet. Don't know yet if will do full or furled.