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  1. BMT

    Guns of History - United States Christian Commission Civil War Coffee Wagon - Model Shipways - Build Log NCC (Navy-Curtis Craft) - Scale 1:16

    So years ago, in a galaxy far far away, I owned two cafés and a coffee roasting business. So when I saw this how could I not build it! By the way, it was on sale….even better. Looks like a fun build. So I’m going to pull a shot of espresso and start the build. BMT
  2. B

    Palamós Fishing Boat - First Post, first model surely not the last :) [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello guys! this is my first post here and what better way to start than to share the buiding progress of my Palamos fishing boat over the past couple weeks. Or should I say years? Well, I was gifted this set in 2019 and spent around 10 hours doing the internal structure but then life got in...
  3. P

    Introducing Ponytail: another Halcon-build... [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello people, I'm introducing my self after some week of 'lurking' in the Forum. What a fine place to be! As many before I never did a wooden ship as being more interested in plastic kits, modeltrains and above all cardmodelling. Next to that I'm volunteer/semi-professional modelbuilder at...
  4. Z

    Brig Mercury, Kit by Eskadra, Russia [COMPLETED BUILD]

  5. K


    Witam wszystkich Aktualny czas temu odkryłem stworzenie jachtu Gretel w skali 1/54 z zestawu Mamoli. Budowa szła szybko bo dalej skłądowano również tylnokołowiec Mississippi - Artesania - Latina, ale powolutku idziemy do przodu, dzisiaj kadłub jest wykonany: Hello everyone Current time ago I...
  6. Dean62

    Du Doch Nicht!! Eduard 1/72 scale [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Well…I am sidetracked again! ROTF I build and collect military aircraft, and the majority of them are in 1/72 scale, so they take up less space. I do have large models as well, however thus far I only had WW2 airplanes and fighter jets in 1/72 scale. Recently I decided to build some WW1...
  7. W

    Hayling Hoy 1/48 [COMPLETED BUILD]

  8. Jnewey


    I am in the process of building one of these chinese wooden kits. An interesting experience to say the least. I don't speak Chinese so it has involved a fair bit of 'build by pictures! Not too painful but still a bit laborious. So far so good, as the pictures that will accompany my efforts will...
  9. BMT

    MARIA HF31 fishing Ewer Build Log NCC (Navy-Curtis Craft) 1:72 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I was still determining what new build I wanted to get into, but this fishing Ewer looked interesting. Close to OcCre’s Palamos but allows for sailing or as a motorized build. I am looking at the sailing build. Kit was purchased back in September 022 from Model Expo on sale. When...
  10. M

    Mary Rose 1512-1545 from Caldercraft [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Go to P3 for start of pics. General hints for anyone building this kit. 1. There are no sails, there is no sail plan., the kit quality is good. As for historical accuracy and the sales blurb that it reflects Mary Rose Trust studies... well maybe it did 20 years ago but the research has moved a...
  11. yuhong li

    HMS ALERT 1777 Trident model by Yuhong [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello everyone, my friends! After completing the la belle, I also completed the Alert. Thanks for the perfect design of the Trident Model. It is my second ship, and I hope to complete the next one more perfectly. Cheers Yuhong
  12. Wolle

    Restoration of my OCEANIC [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hallo, ich fange einfach an. Here I'll show you what I'm restoring.Ich habe diesen Hochseeschlepper, die OCEANIC, auf dem Flohmarkt gekauft. Ich fand das Schiff so schön, dass ich beschloss, es zu restaurieren und wieder aufs Wasser zu bringen. Hier sind die ersten Bilder, wie ich sie bekommen habe.
  13. Jcob

    Marie Jeanne 1:50 by Artesania Latina Build Log [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello all, After importing my phone pictures to the computer and finding out it is quite convenient I have decided to start this build log about half way through. This is my third build after HMY Britannia 1:64 by Mamoli and Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack 1:24 by Model Shipways. The kit is part...
  14. BMT

    Midwest Sea Bright Dory Build Log NCC (Navy-Curtis Craft) 1:16 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Something for my sister, who has a home at the Jersey Shore. It should be a fun build and some more planking experience. BMT
  15. Dean62

    Pocher 1:8 scale Lotus 72 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I have been waiting for this kit to be available, and I just found it on sale…so I couldn’t resist! So the Brabham will get pushed back, along with my airplane builds. I am still working on my ship, but once this kit arrives, I will be working on both. This is probably my favorite Formula One...
  16. P

    Harriet Lane Model Shipways Solid hull build log by Peter Gutterman [COMPLETED BUILD]

    This solid hull kit has been discontinued, replaced with a plank on bulkhead version. I like carving solid hulls and planking over them. This version represents the Harriet Lane as she might have appeared Jan. 1 1863 when she was captured by the Confederates. Her appearance is modeled after she...
  17. Buffalo Jack

    Sail installation of a HMS Pegasus 1/64 Amati [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I am almost finished with the standing and I intend to in stall some furled sails on yards and fore stays. Where can I find some instructions how and when to apply them . This is the Pegasus 1/64 Amati kit with no sail plans. Any suggestions. Jack D
  18. Will @ Trilogy

    USS Gambier Bay (CVE -73) 1/350 by Hasegawa with Hasegawa photo etch [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I while back I discovered the Gambier Bay reading about the Samar battle. More specifically I was researching the USS Johnston DD-557 heroic efforts while a member of Taffy3 comprised of 6 escort aircraft carriers guarding the landings against a large Japanese fleet. The battle was massive in...
  19. M

    La Salamandre 1/96 by Miniature Arts [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello all A very attractive model, but a rather difficult kit. First of all, I assembled the jig, but the board was bent. I was able to fix it without any problems by pasting it on a 1cm thick plate. The frame is as easy as sticking two pieces together. There are a few parts that are...
  20. Fred P.

    Benjamin W. Latham (Model Shipway 1:48) by Fred P. [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello all, Since I finished building "The Confederacy" I started the Benjamin W. Latham, 1902 Mackerel Fishing Schooner. The kit is quite minimalist. There are plans and wood (basswood) as well as some Britanium fittings. The assembly instructions are interesting because on the one hand there...