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  1. S

    GIUNCA cinese pirata / Amati 1:?? [COMPLETED BUILD]

    In 1994 I have built this junk for a friend, who sailed in those areas in the fleet of the KJCPL/RIL . Jan

    Tamiya Leopard 2A6 1/16 Upgraded [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hi All I had a sabbatical from ships a little while ago.During that time I built the model pictured below over about 12 months.This is the Full option kit with additional upgrades including; King Kong RC cast magnesium lower hull King Kong RC fully ball raced CNC aluminium road wheels and...
  3. Jack Jäger

    The sailing beam trawler Erycina from Vanguard Models [COMPLETED BUILD]

    My next build was to be the POF. HMS Blandford 1720 - 20 Gun 6th rate Frigate, but she will now wait until the long dark nights of winter. Having ordered Blandford through Dry-Dock Models & Parts, (first class service btw.),and as the kit was coming from China I expected it to take several weeks...
  4. S

    'Elidir' / Constructo 1:26 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    In 1993 I have built the 'Elidir'. On completion I give her the Dutch flag and her name was changed into 'Runamara' , after the title of a Dutch book about a mermaid.
  5. Ettienne

    Soviet Nanuchka Class Missile Corvettes 1/700 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Dear shipmates, To ease myself into shipbuilding again, after the Italeri 1/720 Lutzow, I have decided to start some work on something small. The Dragon 1/700 (Kit #7011) Soviet Nanuchka Class Missile Corvettes. At first glance the detail is typically Dragon, I would venture to say above...
  6. Edmund

    Revell's Harbour Tug in 1:108 scale [COMPLETED BUILD]

    When I saw tugboat models made by Barry (Mighty Mite) and Careloo (Ulysses), I also wanted to build an interesting old tugboat. I started looking for a kit and came across a Revell model: It is as old as the World model. Not the best quality but I could not find any other old plastic tugboat...
  7. G

    Royal Yacht, Duchess of Kingston [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Intro This is my first boat build. I chose this model from Vanguard Models because the boat itself is well designed and full of detail and the instruction manual is well organized and includes nice step by step pictures. Plus I went through a few builds of the same boat in this forum, and it...
  8. lakedaisy

    Mantua Golden Star 1:150 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    My 2nd build (since 1984) Mantua Golden Star. The sails are not included in the kit. Images of the full size sails are on the diagram sheet. Don't know yet if will do full or furled.
  9. nandoyoni

    mi chalupa [COMPLETED BUILD]

    saludos este es mi humilde trabajo
  10. Bryantes

    HMS Golden Star by Bryantes - FINISHED - Mantua - 1:150 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hi All :) I want to share my build log of my first build ever and it is Golden Star kit by Mantua 1:150. Finished it was half year ago, and now im working on my next ship Silent Mary plans by mellpapa :) .. This was my first ship, in 2020 come covid to our country so my job was closed and i...
  11. Broadsides

    Modelling The Contemporary Dutch Explorer HALF MOON [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Since my last build of the Airfix Trilogy Series, I was recently commissioned to build a scratchbuilt model of the contemporary HALF MOON that was initially built on our shores at Albany, New York in 1988-89. The actual ship was in request for the New Netherland Festival that was to be held in...
  12. A

    Seguin Steam Tug by Bluejacket & Dumb Barge [COMPLETED BUILD]

    This will be my build log for the steam tug Seguin and a "Dumb Barge" of my own design. The Kit is from Bluejacket Ship Crafters (kit #KLW108) in 1/4" scale and was received as a birthday gift in 2021. First, I have finished this project. I am doing the build log now because during the actual...
  13. Robertd

    HM Cutter Lady Nelson scale 1:64-Victory (Amati) Models [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Had to wait a couple of months for my next project , the Lady Nelson , she is tiny in comparison to the ‘Cutty Sark ‘ I recently finished . just dry fit the bulkheads and false deck just to see what it looks like , so I will post more pictures with the build progress
  14. S

    "Friesland"/ Mamoli [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Here is the photographic birth of the "Friesland" which I have built between 1983 and 1985.
  15. BLD SHPS


    This is my third build and hopefully will be better then my others.I think I learned a lot from the first 2 builds so am trying one with more challenge as always any suggestions or if you see a mistake please comment.Some pictures.
  16. Richie

    HMS Sirius 1786 Deck Cannon - Modellers Shipyard 1:20 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    While recovering from my damaging escapade I wanted to keep doing a bit of modelling when I could. The Revenge is still in dry dock while waiting to start on the rigging as it was going to be fiddly work which I wasn’t yet ready for. My goal in the meantime was to build a small project and not...
  17. lakedaisy

    Pinta Amati [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Wasn't sure I wanted to start a build, but reading others posts its seems like a good idea. Not sure I can keep it going, but will try. I haven't built a POB since 1984. I'm now 74 and it getting a little hard to see details. I do have a good magnifying headset with light that really helpsl...
  18. The Sailor

    Piero's 19" Canoe building as for Gilles's project [COMPLETED BUILD]

    After 1 month and a half spent building my YQ Bluenose, I take a week of ... leisure building the 19" Canoe as per Gilles project! These are the progress after a couple of hours of work: Frame cutout for the supporting structure of the Canoe ... ... gluing on plywood ... ... then I...
  19. Dean62

    Model Airways Sopwith Camel 1/16 scale [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I ordered the Model Airways Sopwith Camel and the Neiuport 28. I ordered them from two different vendors on the same day because of availability. Anyway, the Camel arrived first, so I am starting on that one first. Here is the photo from the add…I’m sure most of you have seen it. And here is...
  20. martijnonderwater

    Dutch Tjalk 'Eendracht' by Authentic Shipmodels Amsterdam [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I recently bought a half-finished model of a Dutch Tjalk. It's a kit by Authentic Shipmodels Amsterdam, and dates from the 70s/80s. The name of the ship is a bit mysterious: the box has a sticker on it with 'Sliedrecht' on it, which is a city in The Netherlands. Originally, I thought this was...