completed build

  1. Bluebeard

    1869 Allerton Steam Pumper Model [COMPLETED BUILD]

    This is a refurbishing job that Model Expo signed me because it will be one of the model exhibited at the Vegas Model Table Top Show. It is a super intricate model with a billion parts and very heavy. This model in particular is the one we received from Ken Foran, our designer and it was...
  2. RogerD

    RCMP St. Roch background and my finished build [COMPLETED BUILD}

    I thought some of you might be interested in a famous but little known vessel called the R.C.M. Police. St. Roch. The ship is just over 104 feet in length, beam 24 feet 9 inches and draft 12 feet 6 inches with a displacement of 323 tons. Before I go much further, and especially for my Canadian...
  3. Bluebeard

    Nauticurso "Artur" Brazialian fishing Boat [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Here we go again guys. This building log came about due to the fact Model Expo commissioned it to me because is a new model that they are selling. The name of this kit is “Artur”. Artur is the most popular fishing vessel among Brazilian fishermen. Many are still active in Brazilian waters today...
  4. kaikalua

    Rear wheel river steamer - Esta vez es un Vapor de río de rueda trasera [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Fue un encargo que me hizo un amigo. Desde la elaboración de los planos, consecución de maderas, aserrado de la madera, construcción y terminado tuve apenas 4 meses de plazo. google translation: It was a commission from a friend. From the preparation of the plans, obtaining the wood, sawing the...
  5. Dave Ward

    Tamiya 1/700 Gneisenau [COMPLETED BUILD]

    This is a typical Tamiya waterline warship, the moulds dating from 1975 - but the parts are free from flash & crisp. This is essentially the same as the Scharnhorst, with a single sprue changed to reflect differences & instructions to suit. Not that many parts ( including a steel bar to give the...
  6. Broadsides

    Airfix H.M.S. Prince c.1670 -Trilogy Finale [COMPLETED BUILD]

    It's been three months and finally...the finish. There's not much more I can add to this, except that I'm delighted to have experienced this journey (relative to ship design) that has spanned a good 40-50 years - if my childhood is taken into account. To have been commissioned to build models...
  7. Heinrich


    Imagine living a life at sea. Not in the romantic way of cruising from island to island aboard a Bayliner, but living aboard a home-made boat, constructed with the most basic of materials. Imagine being born on such a boat, growing up on it, spending years fishing from it to survive, watching...
  8. kirill4

    Spanish Galleon 1607 , LEE(IMAI) 1:100 May 2021 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Good day, Dear friends, Let me introduce short build log of assembling LEE(IMAI) kit of Spanish Galleon of 1607 as kit maker stated. This May 2021 I finally reached the end of completion of this many years task !!! :))) When I purchased this kit long time ago...somewhere in 2003 if I...
  9. L

    Titanic Lifeboat [COMPLETED BUILD}

    I have been building Artesania Latina Titanic Lifeboat 1/35 scale. Neat packing. Very quality laser cut parts.
  10. J

    Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack (Model Shipways 1:24) [COMPLETED BUILD]

    20210611 Started work on the Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack (Model Shipways 1:24) 2 weeks ago. Work schedule kept me from the model the past few days and so I’m just now doing the first post on the build. So far things are going well (translation: so far I’ve only broken two thin parts that needed...
  11. I

    Build log: Billing Boat, African Queen (BB588) [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hi everyone. This is the 3rd ship I have built. The first 2 were solid hull ships. My first ever was the Charles W. Morgan. I don't remember the manufacturer. The second was Evergreen by Mini Mamoli. So far I'm pretty pleased with the quality and fit of this kit. I struggled finding the best...
  12. Xmtrdude

    First Build - Polaris by OcCre, 1:50 scale [COMPLETED BUILD]

    So here we go... Finally got my workshop set back up after some family responsibilities forced me to give it up for a while. Time for a new hobby! I've always like sailing ships, just from an aesthetic point of view, and have been fascinated by the scale models I've seen people build. But it's...
  13. L


    Hello again This was an Artesanía Latina kit, which I modified inspired by a modeler and then served as inspiration to at least two more. Substantial variations were in the command bridge, the figures and especially the treatment of the paint. Greetings
  14. martijnonderwater

    OcCre Mississippi 1:80 [Completed Build]

    I built the Mississippi in the autumn and winter of 2020. The interior of the model is furnished, and as such the exterior of the model can be taken apart to view the interior. I also took the opportunity to open up all my old cans of paint, so there are is a vivid mix of colors in the interior :)
  15. STGCS

    H.M.Y Britannia (MV44) by Mamoli [COMPLETED BUILD]

    My wife is a big fan of racing yachts and wanted me to build the Britannia. I couldn't find a build log for her so comments along the way would be appreciated. I'm not a big fan of Mamoli kit instructions. I had the same problem with my cross-section of Constitution. It would be nice if the...
  16. M

    Bluenose by Mallacoota [COMPLETED BUILD]

    The box arrived today so much excitement however I must finish Fifie first...but I will probably open the box just to have a sneaky look. Wont be any action on Bluenose for a while. John
  17. martijnonderwater

    Pilar, Constructo, 1:27 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    The Pilar is Ernest Hemmingway's boat, named after is second wife Pauline. The model is aimed at beginners, and I made it in the spring of 2020. This was my first model after finishing the Amerigo Vespucci, and I was wondering whether I could still enjoy building smaller models. As an...
  18. Robertd

    Bluenose - Robertd [COMPLETED BUILD]

    So far my built, not 100 % perfect but passible , my mistake was not paying a greater attention to sanding the notches on the jig , soon learnt , the forum is a valuable source of information no doubt and I follow Dean’s achievements every move not to make mistakes , it sure is a challenge .I...
  19. J

    Phillips 66 Oil Tank Wagon (Model Trailways 1:12) [COMPLETED BUILD]

    20210404 Started work on the Model Trailways Phillips 66 Oil Tank Wagon a couple of days ago. Decided to this instead of another ship model – a bit of a change, a challenge and besides, I work with petroleum infrastructure. (In the same box that contained this model I also received 2 more ship...
  20. Ken

    Artesania Messerschmitt BE 109G [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello. I am about halfway through a build log of a Euromodel kit, HMS Ajax and I’ve decided to take a break from it for a few weeks and do something completely different. I’ve chosen to build the Artesania Messerschmitt BE 109 G, and have been asked to do a build log on it, I was initially...