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  1. L


    Hello again This was an Artesanía Latina kit, which I modified inspired by a modeler and then served as inspiration to at least two more. Substantial variations were in the command bridge, the figures and especially the treatment of the paint. Greetings
  2. martijnonderwater

    OcCre Mississippi 1:80 [Completed Build]

    I built the Mississippi in the autumn and winter of 2020. The interior of the model is furnished, and as such the exterior of the model can be taken apart to view the interior. I also took the opportunity to open up all my old cans of paint, so there are is a vivid mix of colors in the interior :)
  3. martijnonderwater

    Pilar, Constructo, 1:27 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    The Pilar is Ernest Hemmingway's boat, named after is second wife Pauline. The model is aimed at beginners, and I made it in the spring of 2020. This was my first model after finishing the Amerigo Vespucci, and I was wondering whether I could still enjoy building smaller models. As an...
  4. Robertd

    Bluenose - Robertd [COMPLETED BUILD]

    So far my built, not 100 % perfect but passible , my mistake was not paying a greater attention to sanding the notches on the jig , soon learnt , the forum is a valuable source of information no doubt and I follow Dean’s achievements every move not to make mistakes , it sure is a challenge .I...
  5. J

    Phillips 66 Oil Tank Wagon (Model Trailways 1:12) [COMPLETED BUILD]

    20210404 Started work on the Model Trailways Phillips 66 Oil Tank Wagon a couple of days ago. Decided to this instead of another ship model – a bit of a change, a challenge and besides, I work with petroleum infrastructure. (In the same box that contained this model I also received 2 more ship...
  6. Ken

    Artesania Messerschmitt BE 109G [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello. I am about halfway through a build log of a Euromodel kit, HMS Ajax and I’ve decided to take a break from it for a few weeks and do something completely different. I’ve chosen to build the Artesania Messerschmitt BE 109 G, and have been asked to do a build log on it, I was initially...
  7. B

    Yet another Canoe [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Yet another canoe completed. This time a Sunnyside Cruiser canoe developed by Walter Dean in 1910 for use in the Lake Ontario waters off Sunnyside Beach, Toronto. It was a fast efficient cruiser that often doubles as a 'girling' canoe. It was so popular that it soon accounted for 90 percent of...
  8. torrezani21


    Olá amigos Faz muito tempo que não posto nada, espero que todos recuperados bem, protegendo-se do COVID 19. Bem, eu trago para você uma restauração que fiz para um cliente. esta é uma ROYAL CAROLINE. Segue fotos do modelo antes da restauração e após a restauração. Todos os comentários são...
  9. J

    Build Log: Norwegian Sailing Pram - Model Shipways - 1:12 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    20210313 Started work on the Norwegian Sailing Pram today. Both transoms are finished along with the keel board and 2 bottom planks. The pram has no frames that the planks are attached to; just the transoms and each other (internal bracing comes later on in the build). Assembly is upside down...
  10. MikeJ

    An English cutter half hull 1:32 by MikeJ [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Well here I go. Pictures to follow. I braved the cold in the garage and cut out my parts. I'm making everything out of bass wood, I have a lot of it from previous scratch projects, and have glued the keel, dead wood, stem and stern to my build board. I'm working on shaping the frames one at...
  11. W

    Dagmar, Russian Imperial steam boat by Falkonet, 1:48 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    In fact, it's not a real build log, because the model has been completed 3 years ago. But it seems there is no other build log here, so I decided to present a photo review of my building process and to intoduce to you this interesting kit. Dagmar is an exemplary 37’ steam pinnace of J.S...
  12. Jeronimo

    74 Gun Ship - Gun decks [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello modeling friends. Animated by the pictures by Gregory Franchetti and the drawings by Jean Boudriot, I try to build the three gun decks as a cross-sectional on a scale 1/24. First, I made an auxiliary construction four the mounting and alignment of the frames, to strengthen them , the bar...
  13. 0Seahorse

    "Meermann" or "Wodnik" 1627 (1:100, scratch) [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Welcome everyone, encouraged by a group of friends, I made a bold decision to develop a model of the "Meermann" ship, which took part in the Battle of Oliwa in 1627. The battle was not big when we compare it to great clashes of great maritime powers, but for Poland at that time it had a huge...
  14. B

    Bikerbobs Peterborough canoe [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Good Day All This will be my build log for scale 16 foot Peterborough high end Champlain canoe. The Peterborough Canoe Co. was a prominent builder in Ontario Canada having numerous models. The Champlain; high and low end were introduced in 1932. High and low end refers to the height of the...
  15. JohnA

    HMS Druid 1776 (x 2) by Unicorn Model, 1/128 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Today I began the Unicorn Model's miniature kits of the HMS Druid cross sections. The first is the stern cross section and the second kit is the middle cross section. The stern cross section came out about a year before the middle cross section. I have had both for a few months now and always...
  16. Ken

    Amati Riva Aquarama by Ken [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello. I am going to build the Amati Riva, Aquarama, an Italian runabout. Although it can be built for radio control I will be making it a static display model and will mostly just show my progress rather than do a very of detailed log of the build. I’m just putting the final touches to my...
  17. TechTrek

    Bluenose 1/64 MS2130 by TechTrek (Chris) [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello everyone. I've been in this forum now for long enough that I feel comfortable sharing my 1st build, the Bluenose. This Model Shipways kit came with everything I needed to complete the build except for enough of the bras strips (1/64 x 1/8). The parts themselves were reasonably good...
  18. P

    17th Century Dutch Galliot [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Part 1. Getting Started Having recently completed a large modeling project in terms of time and complexity, I wanted to switch to making a model of a simpler vessel for a change of pace. In the Completed Models Forum I have previously described a number of smaller models I made that...
  19. N

    Joshua Slocum's Spray - Laughing Whale (BlueJacket) - Scale 3/8" to 1' [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Finished my latest model yesterday. This is a model of the Spray, the boat sailed by Joshua Slocum to circumnavigate the globe single handed from April 24, 1895 to June 27, 1898. Slocum was born in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sorry for the lack of images along...
  20. Giampy65

    La Venus - French frigate from 1782 - scale 1:96 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I started my new project, a little ambitious, on an almost impossible scale: I always admired extremely small models, always convinced that it would have been an impossible job for me. It's a challenge against myself!