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  1. José Ruesta

    Indonesian Pinisi SINAR KUMALA, scratch build, scale 1:75 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    First of all, I would like to apologize for my excess of information prior to the model development work itself, be it the history or origin of the ship, references or other topics, because for my part I like to be fully informed about the ship that I am going to build. model and evaluate...
  2. J

    HMV Flower Class HMCS Corvette Agassiz 1:250 scale [COMPLETED BUILD]

    This is my second build of card model, the HMV Flower Class HMCS Corvette Agassiz in 1:250 scale. I hope you like it. Best Ioannis From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia HMCS Agassiz was a Flower-class corvette of the Royal Canadian Navy. Named after the community of Agassiz, British...
  3. L

    Build log Lady Neldon Amati 1/64 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    hello dearest. last year i started my Christmas present, the Amati Victory Models cutter Lady Nelson. pretty straightforward build, no big issues
  4. José Ruesta

    "Molly Aida", the Peruvian ship in the film "Fitzcarrald" by Herzog. Scratch Esc 1:100 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    This week I present to you a ship from my country, Peru. The model is that of the “Moly Aida”, the star ship of the film “Fitzcarraldo” which was set in the Peruvian Amazon. This 1982 German film was directed by Werner Herzog and starred Klaus Kinski, Claudia Cardinale. My work was based on the...
  5. José Ruesta

    Hasselter Aak - Esc 1:60 Scratch [Completed Build]

    As far as possible, I will deliver a model of the boats that I made recently. Now I present to you a transport boat from the Flanders area, it is: Hasselter Aak It is a type of sailing transport barge, used in Flanders, with lengths that varied between 15 and 25 meters, initially they were...
  6. José Ruesta

    PÅJAMA BRYNHILDA (1775) – Swedish gunboat - Scratch [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello, in recent years I have prepared several models of small boats, they are not majestic like the frigates or liners that I see here, but I think that those gunboats, fishing boats or small sailing merchants have their charm. Please, excuse my english Påjama Brynhilda (Part 1a of 6)...
  7. José Ruesta

    Yatch "Spray" - scale 1:35 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Excuse my English, because I am a Spanish speaker. “Spray” I have been a member of this forum for weeks now and I have had the pleasure of seeing the excellent models displayed here. Already "retired" and with time to spare, in recent years I have been doing naval modeling, but more than large...
  8. fj3131030

    Lexington - 172 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    It took about 2 months to complete
  9. Ken

    Anteo Harbour Tug. Panart [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello modellers. As some of you will know I have just finished a Sopwith Camel, my most delicate model to date, never again such a fragile build for me. Talking to a friend about this he suggested I make him a harbour tug, this would be a more substantial build, one that I should be able to...
  10. seadeep

    Artesania Latina "Swift - 1805" - 40th Anniversary of Purchase Build [COMPLETED BUILD]

    After nearly forty years.... yes, forty years! I decided the time had finally come to take this box off the shelf and tackle it again. I say again, because this is the second time I'm building this kit. The first was nearly forty years ago, and I gave the completed model to a family member. Who...
  11. Captain B

    Peterboro canoe 1:12 - Midwest [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello friends, I’ve recently retired and picked up this wonderful hobby about a year ago. I really like these small kits. Especially when I’m trying to gain as much knowledge of nautical terms along with skills for woodworking:-) I’ve had very little of either. The build starts with the...
  12. Rob444

    Maine Peapod 1:14 Model Expo Build log. [COMPLETED BUILD]

    This will be my second build log. I have already completed the Grand Banks Dory and Norwegian Sailing Pram. I saw the Peapod at half price so I picked it up. According to the instruction manual, the peapods originated in Maine in the 1800's and were used for one man lobster work until the...
  13. H

    2023 Schooner Bluenose 1:75 Artesania Latina 20500 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    My new hobby started summer of 2023 with an RV vacation that included a visit to historic Lunenburg, NS. While there we got to walk the decks of the Bluenose II and meet the captain. I saw many pricey prebuilt models of the Bluenose while there and once home was inspired to build my own. I...
  14. O

    San Bartolomé - Pavel Nikitin [COMPLETED BUILD]

    En septiembre de 2023 comencé con el San Bartolomé In September 2023 I started with San Bartolomé
  15. R

    Norwegian Sailing Pram 1:12 by Roscoe [COMPLETED BUILD]

    This is my second wooden ship model and its the second in a 3 boat series from Model Shipways. After completing my first model, the Grand Banks Dory ( )I thought this would be smooth sailing but I...
  16. Pete Leach

    Beachcomber Alpha Dory in 1/2" [COMPLETED BUILD]

    This is my first thread posted in this build log. I took a 30-ish year hiatus from ship and boat building to work on my model railroading hobby. I now have a completed model railroad layout. During that time, I did build a few ships and boats to incorporate into the scenes but they were all...
  17. B

    Build Log: Lowell Grand Banks Dory [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hi all just I’m at the final stretch of building my Dory. Sorry not much of a build log as I have almost completely built it. I have to say this was a most enjoyable build I did run into a few problems along the way with the tombstone being too high and other things which I hadn’t realized till...
  18. P

    Pilot Boat Achilles of 1815 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    This will be a very short build log for the pilot boat Achilles of 1815. The model continues my series of sloops and schooners many of which I have described in more extensive logs, and I really have nothing new to say about my modeling methods. In looking for a new project, I came across...
  19. richie incident

    French 74-gun ship "Le Northumberland" (1780) [COMPLETED BUILD]

    (Sorry, I don't translate well, that's why I use Google Translate.) I would like to tell everyone, for inspiration, the story of the construction of this favorite ship of mine. The main thing in life is not to lose heart! :) I built it a long time ago when I suffered severe injuries to both...
  20. richie incident

    Swedish 62-gun ship HM "Ömheten" (1783) [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello) I present to your attention the construction of the Swedish 62 gun ship "Ömheten". Third ship of the type "Kronprins Gustaf Adolf" Project of the famous shipbuilder Frederik Henrik af Chapman. There was very little information on this ship, so I did not complete all the decoration of the...