custom sailing ship models

  1. Broadsides

    Airfix ROYAL SOVEREIGN 1:168 -Modified

    Recently I introduced the 1:144 scale WASA kit that was published by Airfix during the 1980s. It was one of my favorites in their sailing ship series; and one which I wanted to bring to another level due to its detail. With research (and patience), I was able to convert this plastic kit into a...
  2. Broadsides

    Modified Airfix 1:144 Scale Classic Series WASA c.1628

    Professionally I build by way of scratch. But from time to time I obtain a plastic kit and work it as if it were wood -replacing as much of the plastic as possible and reinforcing the remainder using pine, birch and/or bass woods. On occasion, where warranted I will upgrade certain areas with...
  3. navymast

    Cooperation in the construction of models of sail ships.

    Good day. I build models of sailing ships on a personal order. For the implementation of complex projects, I need customers with the desire and understanding of the complexity of this work. Therefore, I do not refuse the help of those who are familiar with such clients. I am ready to cooperate...