1. Captgino

    Viking Drakkar by Captgino

  2. STGCS

    Viking Longship "Drakkar" by Amati

    My wife being Scandinavian, I decided to do a Viking Longship as my next project. Problems have already arisen. First, the keel was warped so after glueing in the ribs, I added some stiffeners between each of them. Then I put in some reverse bend and left it in the jig for a day. Thankfully most...
  3. Snowy

    Viking Ship Drakkar - Amati 1:50 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hi all thought I would do something a little different while I'm waiting for the glue to dry on the vanguard I just started by dry fitting all frames and deck before I start and to mark the hull lines .now I've just glued the 2 ends .This should be interesting Cheers snowy
  4. Barry1

    Viking Ship Drakkar - 1:50 scale by Amati

    While waiting for additional rigging parts for my Mayflower build I opened the box for the Amati Viking longship. I have seen a couple of builds of Viking long ships and they are an interesting change of pace. Well once I opened the box I got sucked in a bit and after reading through the brief...