john mckay


    Book review Sovereign of the Seas 1637-John McKay

    Sovereign of the Seas by John McKay 1637 Part 1 Hardcover:296 Pages Publisher:Seaforth Publishing 3rd March 2020 Language:English ISBN-10:1526766299 ISBN-13:978-1526766299 DIMENSIONS:254x295x25mm RRP:£40 SYNOPSIS Sovereign of the Seas was probably the most lavishly decorated warship ever...
  2. Uwek

    Book review The 100-Gun Ship Victory" (Anatomy of the Ship Series) by John McKay

    Forever associated with Nelson's last battle at Trafalgar, Victory is one of the most famous ships of all time. An example of the ultimate sailing warship--the three-decker First Rate--Victory was the most popular and successful 100-gun ship of the period, the flagship of half a dozen famous...