1. D

    HMS Ontario - MarisStella 1:48 by Don Robinson

    Hello all, here is my build log for the HMS Ontario another fine kit from kit from MarisStella. This kit is a first in many ways for MarisStella, the first being is that it is an English ship. MarisStella in the past has done has done kits primarily of Mediterranean origins so this kit is a...
  2. zoly99sask

    MarisStella - New Kit Hms Ontario 1780 1:48

    A relatively small deep water draught and heavily armed snow, built like her much bigger seagoing cousins. Stern and quarters unusually handsome and elegant, decorations kept to a minimum as per colonial fashion of the day. She represents the vessel as she was originally drawn up by the British...
  3. Mike41

    Prototype H.M.S. Ontario Cross Section 2.0

    The drawings for this project have been updated per the latest information from the shipwreck and the English shipbuilding standards of the time period. Plans and sections note these drawings are preliminary to be used for the prototype and are subject to change during construction. Mike
  4. zoly99sask

    HMS Ontario 1780 scale 1:32 POB full version

    Hello everyone,this will be my next build after the Santa Maria,for now I am just gathering information and doing research on her.Here is a little history. HMS Ontario (1780) HMS Ontario was a British warship that sank in a storm in Lake Ontario on 31 October 1780, during the American...