san felipe

  1. xander898

    ZHL - San Felipe 1:50 - Box Content

    Hi everyone, here's my review of the San Felipe from ZHL, I bought this kit a few years ago, but i never had time to do it
  2. G


    Just ordered the ZHL kits san felipe, was wondering what anyone thought of this kit?
  3. ReneK

    San Felipe

    Hello , The San Felipe is a reproduction of a Spanish ship, which was completed in La Coruña in 1693 and sank in a battle with 35 English ships in 1705. It's a ZHL model , Scale 1/50. Regards , René
  4. Pat71

    San felipe 1690 zhl kit 1:50

    Oké gonna try a build log from this kit. Started to take out the keel parts. Didn't have to do anything with it. It fits needless. All the parts are laser cut with big numbers on it. The drawings are a bit different from the drawings from other kits. They are A4 and there are 2 a0 drawings. I am...
  5. carlosys

    San Felipe 1690 - Panart

    Happy 2013 to all. :D:D:D I wanted to wait until January 1, 2013 to start the thread of San Felipe because I feel that I will be with him for several years, and thus symbolically, each year new model will add a "year old" :mrgreen: . They say the San Felipe was launched in 1690 in the shipyards...