1/24 Part model of Chapman's Plate XLIII N°1

Sep 17, 2018

Hello friends, I had a dream...

a Christmas Elf was knocking on my workshop's door this night.

He remembered me to this ugly fact I could not ignore any longer and that is the gap where my wife's present has to be. (As some of you may know she is interestested in modelship building, too. And as a gifted handcrafting person she likes to build her models very well - she works on a GK modellbau Starters package of a working boat from the Hamburg arbourof the 20th and likes baroque and rokkoko decoration very much. And incorporates decor elements in her balkony garden as much as possible and ballanced to the eye.)

So I will build her present hidden in here (as she still is going to learn English and hasn't entered this forum).

What do I want to credence to her?

The Plate XLIII in Frederik Hendrik af Chapman's ARCHITECTURA NAVALIS MERCATORIA shows as N°1 a "Fregat" of 76ft with luxurious rokkoko decoration - listed as a pleasure vessel. And she likes it. But I am unable to get the hole ship build in time (due to the figurehead!!!).

I think about showing the last four frames due to this imense pressure of time. As I have got to show

-four gunports
-the side galery windows
-the transom

it is a plenty to do but nothing unimpossible.

The transom will be made from a mixture of materials and I'm still thinking about the inner architecture, combination of colours and the carved and painted decoration. Neither the cannons will not be shown nor the cabin's furnitures. But the windows are so big that I couldn't make them blind. (And she loves dollhouses so much.)
As I am in a bit of a hurry I glued the centerboard

on 6mm plywood as the keel is 8mm in breath an 11mm high.

The elfes have decided to hide this project behind AGATE and the BLANDFORD cross section. So cutting out some more frames will not attach her attention. The decor isn't that easy but manageable in this 1/2 a year I will have time to work on it in my ship yard.

As she likes this decorational colouring of SOLEIL ROYAL kit the hull will be painted underwater white, blank wood and the decor in a more greenish turkis with goldenocker additives. Due to the identical scale as BLENDFORS CS I can hide this bits and pices in the workshop. This was the reason for this scale.

IMG-20200518-WA0008.jpegThere are a plenty of details undefined as the wooden combination of the rudder. Or the decks furniture. I think about showing the pillar by avoiding the steering weel and some of the other stuff.

Hopefully I can build the showcase in time but I am really not shure.

So I hope for your secrecy...

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Sounds like a good plan, just hope your Admiral doesn't come inspect the ship yards that often and surprise you while its in work.
No but she looks in with a milky old man's coffee from the kitchen from time to time and that is an immense risk being caught...
Hy that are good news for you, Konrath, congratulations!

I first thougt about a small Ice Drving Boat also in 1/24 as scale. It should be placed on a mirror with spray frosted perifery in a hight glas cabinet as a typical winter motive fot the living room.

Plate LIII has a wouderful example for
with an incredible beauty of a transom - coloured it for some test issues but

don't trust into myself with making a propper mould to get the planks in shape from

this "frames plan" - as I never made something likethis before. But I keep this in mind for a later christmas - as she will be proud of me colouring material by Earl Grey tea and then sewing my own sails without her helping hand's support.


The Elf brought a bag full of ideas in and so I first changed tbe framing in the windows and decided to

build the side galery not as a flat patalel to the hull's side. Laying on the panking's side as a frame to the windows. So instead it will become an oriel window -, not very deep (but enough to place a glass carafe in there). I am not shure if I will keep the vertical bars in the small windows in this case at all. What do you think? Love them or leave them out? Or are they superfluous and by this right for this era?

As Polish_20200519_104015583.jpgwe are talking about windows is it possible to install sliding windows in the middle two ode dkes the Swedish Navy does made use of bottom or side hung windows?

Firstly I drawn in the decks middle height on all frames and do work on a decks back ruler.

The bent line taken from an enlaged transom drawing.

It is quite difficult to draw in this amount of black line so I like to cut thinks out,as the edge and the woid give a much more clean kind of line.

Now I have to go to the copyshop repronting some tdecorational drawings and enlsrging the deck's line for my scratch made ruler.
As the covering CAglue on my ruler is

still drying on the laminate floor cut off

I tested some wood for the planking:


for the



I bought this wood
51×290×1,5mms (or 2-0" × 11-1/2" × 0-1/32") several years ago and still do like the warm deep colour. But cant deside to use what of them. Or it may be a better idea to cut them into planks first mix them and make use of all of them. What is the right measurements for Swedish planks mid XVIII. century!?

The groove's sawing on the centerboard is prepared.
Cut out sanded and hardening by CAglue...
My "decks curve ruler" is awaiting his first mission...

...minewhile I have to deal with the transoms inner sturcture and do need some idea how to fix the windows bearing framework to the centerboard. So I have to draw this "windowboard" first.

As the windkwboars is angled the transom's drawing shows a line (black) that is too short - the line from the side view (orange) shows the real length to us. So I have to take this length and lengthen the windows.
So I have to take any of the four lengths and transform it into the real length.

But I must be aware that the hole windows plate will be stretched - also the decoration. By this I have to look for the carvings on an other transparent layer. And the decor hehind the lamp hast to be developed.

During linch time I colour tested one of my unscaled enlarged drawings for a first impresdion what it will look like. As the upper flowerish decor is pierced (due to the white background) I decided to enclose it as the distance between

the window's end and this opening's beginning in scale would be only 1mm thick. What means 24mm or nearly 2 inch on the original structure. What do you think about this solution? Is it realistic is it possible? (Whatis to say about the decks thickness?) There may have been a pair of gunports... but wouldn't the muzzles destroy the carvings in the recoil?

A plenty of questions - has anybody has got suggestions or (best of all) answers...


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The Ice Driving boat, does it float on top of the ice with sleds?

the drawing makes it look like it sits on top but not in the water, with some side supports up front.
I do deal with the deck's acing before cuttion out the frames bulkheads.

And I recognized that the pillar (malve) runs directly over the cabin's roof. The pillar is moved by a pair of blocks that's rope

do run through a block that is fixed at the swivelguns post (blue - extended white-blue).

From the steering wheel (green) that is raiset to its position on some mysterious structure (desert yellow)

Polish_20200519_160301547.jpgbesides a staircase's three angled structure (light yellow).

By this one gun is standing in the cabin, on an absurdity of a high and top heavy gun a carriage not to shoot through the hull's planking as being too low... :/

But if this orange dotted double line really makes the deck's inner structure and there has also to a an absurdity of a gun carriage

not this blue orange blue line what would make comletly sense.


So if the cabin on the one hand is the orange coloured aera this really would make sense as it is high enough to a usual person to stand in (what is the idea of a state room or captain's cabin); but in the other hand it the deck followes the line (blue-orange-blue) we could expext it also makes for the guns and cartiages perfectly sense.

So I am in a dilemma where two solutions for the inner structure do collide. In the war ship's reality the cabin is just a nice pice of art added to the hull for prestigious manners; or in the plaisure frigat's world we have got gunports that are pure nice but useless imitation of a warship's essential features.

The ship on plate XLII N°1 is due to its decoration

Polish_20200519_164205313.jpg listed under "Pleasure Vessels" but were these ships build in such a manner that the gunnery was given aboard of set onto freaky carriages perchance not even usable for fireworks or even giving salute?

Last but not least it was the right decision to follow the Elf's hint to start right now as the pile of questionable features raises more and more. There is annoing problem with the rain water falling into the cabin:

It is quite interesting that the complete rudder (mint green) runs throught the hole cabin's hight but foesn shows any top cover. I think it is in some trunk/cupboard with minimally a pice of leather on its top.

Hereends today's confusion - I do really pray for a hand full of ideas or suggestions to this pile of problems.
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do you have more drawings from different angle on ice boat?

Dear Kurt, you are absolutely right, these little vehicle runs on two/three skids over the ice.

They are spread from each other by a massiv plank due to stability on the fast run on the ice.

An amazing and wounderfull little boat with some very nicely crafted transom.

This feature is something I couldn't identify what it is for - some kindvof steering tool or an early kind of break?

Outlandishly these four drawings are drawings are only survived history as a little footnote on plate LIII:


The ARCHITECTURA NAVALIS MARCATORIA is a quite cheap book floating arround for some quite or you can print it out from the Swdish museum's webside:

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Here my frist fast doodling about the deck's topview

and the perspective view of the cabin's decorative bulkhrad on frame N°12


With it's stairs the rope's drum (hovering on it's place) the steering wheel podest. It shoud being used as two cupboards:

- on the one hand as a decorative glas cabinet from the inside of the cabin -

on the other hand form the outside as a cupboard - seperated by a back panel.
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Hello friends of the pleasure fregat,

as I am sadly missing a deck's view I now do start to construct one from the side and transom view. By taking the meausrements by a pair of compasses. I do start with the upper deck and will then turn to the cabins interieur. As I am an oldschoold boy...

I think to wandering along the analog road...

Her the transom added and the first basis lines drawn... now it is time for the "real work" to be done...

Here the first cabin's roof lines and handrails - the underwaterlines were given to us by Chapman.

It was drawn with my scatchbuilded curve ruler:

So next week will give us two top viewings hopefully.

I am not absolutly shure (until I got some answer from Stockholm) but I do think Chapman had had here drawn a rebuilt plan. A drawing of a former man'o'war's metamorphosis into a luxury pleasure vessel.

What do you think about this?
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the deckslines bymy deck's ruler to the to the drawings...

Glued them onto the 7mm plyboards


worked for some progress at the center board.

But the step between deck and cabin is certainly at a frames line - N°15...

..do not know how to handle this problem with the cabin's bulkhead.

Any suggestions what is the best way?
Still figuring out what the deck's run will be like. No progress to show.

My pushing edge with angled degrees is NOT plan as I figured out yesterday :(
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