82' POINT class WPB kit

Mar 11, 2021

In January, I'll be starting on a 1/64 scale kit of the 82' POINT class WPB. This will be part of the Great American Workboats series. It will have a solid hull just under 16" long and the usual laser, britannia, and probably some resin, maybe some photoetch. It's still in the formative stages and I haven't decided whether it will be the initial design or a specific boat. I may also include fittings suitable for a Viet Nam era boat in country.GAPDF.jpg
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Looks like an interesting project, I will be watching to see what you come up with.

The USCG is an under rated part of the services, they do allot more than most people know.
I've decided to go with the original design (82301) and include the major items fitted to later versions. On 82301, the towing bitt was on the king post/stack and there was a towing bow at the aft pipe rail. On later boats, the towing bow was removed and a tripod towing bitt was mounted on the deck in the same area covered by the towing bow. Radars were different, later boats had the inflatable life raft cannisters and different lockers, and the mast varied somewhat from boat to boat. I may do the Viet Nam fit, but that will probably be a separate fittings kit which will include the 81mm/50 mount, the ready service lockers, additional .50s, the grate around the 81mm mount, and a few other items. Here is 82301 in pre-"racing stripe" days. However, the "racing stripes" will be included in the kit, along with names for all of the boats and enough numbers to do any of them.82301.jpg
After a delay finishing up the OREGON and WYOMING kits, I'm back on the POINT class kit. The master hull is done and I'm starting on the test model. This will eventually become the display model in the gallery, but will be used to test the fit of each part as I develop them. Today, I finished templating the hull and added the skeg.346837836_936471150933794_3930366741776982276_n.jpg
Third coat of primer on the hull. The base superstructure will be cast resin up to the bottom of the windows and faced with lasered laserboard. This is the master for the superstructure.346970505_6103773363024947_3219466503696273799_n.jpg347400060_766385385188631_471884331094464369_n.jpg347602202_2198937613622938_6360849894455873168_n.jpg
I've fitted the first cuts to the superstructure, marked all the areas that need to be tweaked, and redrawn them. Tomorrow, Shane will cut me another set and I'll cast up another base, then fit the new pieces to it349111459_1694087501109729_7373980649487089018_n.jpg349112722_1061336104842020_5358327295351222960_n.jpg.
This is the current status of the kit. I've made most of the casting masters and drawn the bulk of the laser parts. The windshield frame has been the most challenging component to design so far. It consists of two sets of five sections of .015" laser board which are laminated together. the window openings in the back sections are slightly smaller than those on the front section so they form a lip onto which the clear plastic windows will sit.