Book Review: "H.M.S. VICTORY - Building, restoration & repair" by Arthur Bugler (1966, 2 Volume set with Text + Drawings)


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Dec 25, 2017

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Book Review / Look Inside:
H.M.S. VICTORY - Building, restoration & repair
(2 Volume set with Text + Drawings)
by Arthur Bugler

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Other Authors: Great Britain. Navy Department
Published: London - Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1966.
Physical Description: 382 p., 57 p. of plates : ill., (some col.) ; 29 cm.

Contents of the first Text-Volume


1 The building of the VICTORY

2 Repairs from launch to 1900

3 Removal to permanent dry clock, docking and raising

4 The restoration of H.M.S. VICTORY to the 1805 condition and the VICTORY Museum

5 Restoration details
The armament and its associated fittings - Anchors and cables - The galley
The pumps - Rudder and tiller - Boats

6 Decay and the death-watch beetle, 1931-64

7 Structural particulars and repairs, 1900-64
Beakhead - Stern - The keel - Keelson, hog, deadwood, apron - The timbers
Inner lining, shelf and spirketing - Riders in hold - Pillars and supports
Hull outer planking - Orlop deck planking - Orlop deck beams ~ Orlop deck carlings
Lower deck - Lower deck beams - Lower deck carlings - Middle deck
Middle deck beams - Middle deck carlings - Upper deck planking - Upper deck beams
Upper deck carlings - Forecastle, quarter- and poop decks - Forecastle deck beams
Quarter-deck beams ~ Boom deck beams - Forecastle, boom and quarter-deck carlings
The poop deck beams and knees - Bulkheads

8 Wood caulking and copper sheathing 161

9 Damage by enemy aircraft, 1941

10 Masts and Spars

11 Rigging, blocks and sails .
Blocks - Sails - Standing rigging - Drawing references - Warrant - Description
Running rigging - Drawing references - Warrant - Description
12 The reconstituted VICTORY Advisory Technical Committee, 1949-64


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List of Illustrations
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List of Appendices

Preface and Acknowledgments by the Autor


THE ADMIRAL Superintendent and Officers of H.M. Dockyard Chatham supplied many of the facts contained in Chapter l (The building of the VICTORY) and also the photographs for Plates 2, 3 and 5.
Edward Fraser and L. G. Carr Laughton (both now deceased) carried out in 1922 a great deal of detailed research among the Admiralty records Of H.M.S. VICTORY, on behalf of the
Society for Nautical Research; the results of this research were published in the Mariner's Mirror, the journal of the Society, and material revealed by this research has been used.
The photographs for Plates 1, 4, 6-25 and 36-57 were taken by the Royal Naval Photographic Production and Trial Unit.
The data contained in Chapter 6 (Decay and the death-watch beetle 1931-64~) was provided by J. D. Bletchly and E. C. Harris of the Forest Products Research Laboratory and this
establishment also supplied the photographs for Plates 26-85.
Chapter 7 (Structural particulars and repairs 1900-64) contains particulars of the repairs and a description of the various structural items; the detailed sizes are in most cases given in
the appendices. Throughout the book the items are located by deck and station. The station is the timber or frame number and these have been numbered from forward commencing with
the first bow frame. A large amount of work was necessary at the ship to obtain the information required for compiling the many appendices. These particulars were taken by Mr E.
Warner, Chargeman of Shipwrights and the VICTORY Shipwrights. Drawings IX tO XI, XIII to XXI, XXVI to XXXIX, XLII and XLIII were prepared for this book as follows. Rough sketches
were made by the VICTORY Shipwrights when taking sizes at the ship. These rough sketches were grouped and arranged to suit the text and later made into completed drawings by P. F.
Dawson and W. J. Bryant of the Constructive Drawing Office.
Drawings I-vm, XII, XXII-XXV, XL and XLI are copies of Old drawings and these were traced by Miss M. Perryman of the Constructive Drawing Oflice.
Information and help has been given whenever requested by HMS EXCELLENT, the VICTORY Museum, Dockyard Departments and many Yard officers. The typing was carried out by the Constructive Department typists and their supervisor.
Lastly my thanks are due to Sir Albert Richardson (now deceased) and the Board of Admiralty for setting me a task from which I have derived a great deal of pleasure.

Look Inside of the Text Volume

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