Chebec Le Requin build

Nov 23, 2017

gt yarmouth
After finishing the Trident model of HMS Alert ( really nice kit to build) I have decided to carry on with the Le Requin. Here are few pictures of where I got up to before deciding I needed more experience /practice building full ribbed models.
Happy modelling all
I can fully agree with Tobias - The Requin is a very interesting ship and model
I will follow your log with big interest
Beautiful work so far!
Is this a kit or scratch from plans?
I’m planning to do this as my next build after finishing my Alert.
I got the Ancre book and planning to purchase one of the Chinese kits soon.
I’ll be watching with great interest.

Beautiful work! I have been waiting to see this log come to be as we talked about your kit when I was thinking of getting one! I am still trying to decide if I should get one, I really like this model! Lots of other kits to build though- so many great kits to choose from these days, this will definitely be a build to remember!
I built that exact same kit about 7 years ago. There was considerable head scratching trying to figure it out.

I have been building my ZHL pear version on and off for about a year now. Got this kit with the idea of a long term project and I to feel it is way above my skill level.
I translated the instruction manual with google translate but still doesn't make alot of sense so it's build by picture and use your own discretion. I made a mistake on the upright posts for the main deck beam carrier down the middle. Make sure to check the post height to match the underside of beams before installing. I went ahead and glued them in without checking the height and realized like the deck beams they are overlength and must be cut to size. Again I find this kit is more of a head scratcher and don't worry about being exactly right for every piece * deck beams* (custom fit/build as you think it should go) Will be following with great interest. I have put mine aside again and started a soliel royal so probably wont be back to it for a couple months.
requin deck beams.jpg
That’s looking great fish, I remember I almost got to buy this from you - looks like you made the right decision to build it yourself, everything is fixable with wood, just frustrating at times, keep it up!