Cleaning a 17th century model at the Rijksmuseum

Apr 20, 2020

I found another video showing parts of the movement

Rijksmuseum William Rex verhuizing

The Rijks museum in Amsterdam reopened. One of the most amazing objects is the ship model of the 'William Rex", built in 1698. We made a video documentary of the dismantling, transport and restoration of the 4.5 meter long historical object.

In het nieuw geopende Rijksmuseum staat een scheepsmodel van de William Rex uit 1698 op een prominente plek. Carillon maakte een documentaire over het ontmantelen, verhuizen en het in minutiueuze details weer restaureren van het 4,5 meter lange historische object.

and also another one about the museum

the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam reopens

The Rijksmuseum opens its doors after a 10-year restoration. The greatest treasure house of the Dutch Golden Age, stocked with paintings by masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer, Jan Steen and Frans Hals in a building designed by Pierre Cuypers, which is an eccentric melding of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, reopens after a restoration that took 10 years (five years longer than expected) and costed nearly $500 million. The Rijksmuseum's main building opens on April 13,
Read also Simon Schama' article in the ft about the Rijksmuseum restoration;
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thanks for sharing with us ThumbsupThumbsup

I will add this museum to the list of must-see sites for my next trip to Amsterdam!
Hoping the corona will pass quickly and we will return to the normal life .

The model looks amazing (As I wrote in the first comment at the beginning)
Would have helped if they had attach an English translation at least. but still we can impressed by its amazing quality.
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Mar 20, 2020

You are right Maarten. My love for shipbuilding and models goes deeper than just fun and interest. Perhaps it should have been better for the people close-by to be a little less obsessed. But that will undoubtedly influence my productivity :cool: . I believe there is not much to choose from.
Aug 6, 2020

I thought this was very interesting:
I visited the Rijksmuseum a couple years ago while staying in Amsterdam. It is a wonderful museum with an impressive collection of ship models. I took a number of photos of the William Rex and many other ships in the collection. There are too many to post here individually. However, I will put them all in a drop box folder and post the shared link to it here. If someone wants to transfer them to this site's photo archive you have my permission. Otherwise, you'll have to use the drop box link to view. Cheers.
Here's a few ...




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