Constructo topsail schooner Virginia

Aug 23, 2017

central Florida
This is my first post containing images of one of my ship models. The model is a Constructo hybrid kit. That is to say that in all respects but one, it is a wood kit. It has a plastic hull and is intended for a beginner who wants to build a sailing vessel but is afraid to try to tackle working with either a solid hull or a planked hull. It was fairly inexpensive and can either built as a very simple topsail schooner or for someone more ambitious a more detailed model. I like the idea of working with a plastic hull even though I have built a few wooden hulled models and am currently working on a solid hull model (NY pilot boat Phantom by Model Shipways) and a plank on bulkhead model (Pride of Baltimore II by MS). Buth models have months of work invested and will require many more months before completion. Sometimes it helps to work on a model that can be completed in just a few weeks to a couple of months. The box that the Virginia came in advertised it could be finished in just 8 hours. I think that is a bit optimistic even if one only builds it as the instructions show. How long it takes is dependent on how much additional detail the builder wants to add. In my case it took about 2 months to build.

Finishe Schooner Virginia 001.jpgFinishe Schooner Virginia 002.jpgFinishe Schooner Virginia 003.jpgFinishe Schooner Virginia 004.jpgFinishe Schooner Virginia 005.jpgFinishe Schooner Virginia 006.jpg
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