Ever considered to scratch-build from card?

Ab, shappo for this nice piece of papier-work!
I like the fishing-ships very mutch. My grandfather was a haring-visser from Vlaardingen.
And as a youngster, I have been looking many times in the old Visserijmuseum for the models of old fishing ships. The Botters and the Loggers.
I am working with pleasure with paper, additional to thin triplex.
Looking forward to your next model.
Regards, Peter
Shota70, you really make me blush. You sound as if I am doing important work for society, but in fact I most selfishly play around with my hobby. All the rest is luck and co-incidence. :p
You earn it honestly and professionally
Dear Ab,

I just want to say how much appreciate this straight-forward tutorial and the wonderful results you achieve in your card modelling. Last year I moved into an apartment with my wife and left behind the large shop full of tools that my father had available for me to work in, which caused me to abandon hope of building any wooden models for the time being.

I have half a dozen card model kits but the idea of simply following directions and putting together a ship that others have built many times over, and which was designed by someone else, does not fulfill my creative aspirations!

Tonight I am going home after work to begin studying plans so that I can commence with my own scratch-built model based upon your methods, Ab. Thank you!

Hello Gregory,
Thank you for your remarks about my tutorial. It was made for people like you, who are motivated to build ships, but lack the equipment to do so. Scratch building is absolutely not difficult or demanding, but the learning curve is a little bit steep in some aspects. You will have to accept that in the beginning part of your production will end up in the dustbin. But so what? The material is cheap and can be found everywhere around you. I do advise not to start with a three masted 100-guns dreadnought. Get some practice from simpler types. If you can find Chapman's book Architectura Navalis Mercatoria you will see that there is material enough to build, even if you had three lives. Such investments always pay.
I wish you succes and creativity in building and I assure you will get a lot of satisfaction in return.
Thank you, Ab! I have decided not to stress myself with lots of exact measurements or complex forming during a first attempt, so I will make an Adriatic trabaccolo. I began the wooden kit from Amati but realized the shape of the hull was very inaccurate and then lost access to my tools, so I literally threw away the mostly finished hull! Now I shall resurrect the hope of having such a vessel to display in my office using your methods. I have built a couple of card model aircraft and find the work very relaxing.

I began drawing out my plans last night. After I make some progress I'll start a thread. Cheers!

Why are we still struggling with wood and workshops full of tools as you just need a sharp knife and some paper?
Ps beautifull lesson in sail making.
Watching this amazing build, I wonder the same thing. Amazing what can be done with paper.
Thank you very much for your excellent tutorial.
I have a question: what type of putty should be used
Thanks for the compliment.
I use Magic Sculpt, but there are more brands that work very well like Milliput. These materials are both two-component stuff. You should also take notice of the material Doris uses, which is a stuff that must be put in an oven. She gets wonderful results with what she uses, but I don't remember the brand. Perhaps you should ask her too.
Good luck.
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Hello Ab,

thank you for sharing this great info! Another question: where can I get the westwood-foil? The link in #3 only takes me to the DC-Fix foil. If I type in "westwood" foil, I get results for wallpaper.
Thank you.

Hi Hartmut,
The right address is: DC-Fix (www.d-c-fix.com) and it's a German (!) product, made by Conrad Hornschuch AG, Salinenstrasse 1, 74679 Weissbach, Germany. In Holland you can buy it in any builder's merchant and the cost is low: 5 Euros for several meters. I can plank 6 or 7 ships, depending of the size with one unit.