Forum Changes and Adjustments


Staff member
Aug 21, 2011

Madison, MS
I am making some changes to the forum as a whole:
  1. It is really not necessary to have 'staff' listed as it gives a wrong impression of monitoring and control.
  2. The Admin roles will be a more focused on-site performance of the site functions and only discouraging unhealthy posts that can lead to quarreling. We are striving towards a better "friendly" forum environment.
  3. Warnings are distasteful and they will be ceased as well. There are other means of approaching hot topics that flare-up. Such as moving unhealthy post with conflicts to PM sections where discussions can continue off the board.
  4. To any member(s), if you feel as if you are being provoked, pushed, agitated, tensions, quarreling or you are a part of such thread or post, then I suggest that you do not push back, but report your incidence via PM to Donnie, @Jimsky, @Uwek and/or @zoly99sask The thread will be moved to a PM Conversation to resolve the problem instead of more flareups on public view.
  5. If you as a member that is perpetrating and provoking, starting this activity, then you run a very high risk of having your thread(s), Post(s) permanently deleted. It is for the well being of others. If your actions continue with no regard to the forum or the membership, then you run a very high risk of your account being suspended, or even terminated along with all of its associated posts. I take very seriously that people should have the freedom to post without fear of being harassed or intimidated by any member.