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Aug 21, 2011

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Basic Guidelines for submission of Images to Gallery.

1. It is best that images be free (as much as possible) of background distractions and clutter. Not everyone has the access or luxury of having a shot-box or nice back-drop, however, please just do the best you can. Sometimes, a simple bedsheet can be used. I have taken pictures of my ship sitting on a bed sheet covering a coffee table with one end of the sheet elevated above the mast. This makes preparing your images much easier and less material is cropped out.
If your camera includes the Date and Time automatically on your images, please turn this feature off as this is very distracting and the main Art of your workmanship should be the focal point and not to see the Date and Time in the corner of your images. If they are, I must prep (cropped out) before they are submitted to the Gallery.


2. If at all possible, please do not use Flash on your camera. This usually results in an image of your ship that does not look natural and is much harder to process. There is usually always enough "natural incandescent light" in a room and even modern point & Shoot Cameras have excellent auto adjustments.
All Point & Shoot cameras have a no-flash icon to turn Flash on/off.

If you have more interest in Ship Photography, download this free tutorial here:
Ship Modeling Photography

3. You can also send images via Private Message to Donnie. You can start a conversation (click on small envelope next to your username, then look down at the bottom of this newly opened screen and at the bottom, it will say "Start a new conversation"
4. Just fill out the recipients [Donnie] without the brackets, and the subject and include this info in the BODY of the PM:
Ship Name: Required
Your Name: Required (any variation) or you can use your forum username.
Scale if any: - Optional
Kit Manufacturer: - Optional
Scratch Build: - Optional

Example #1:
HMS Bounty, 1:48, Mantua, J. Doe, or Jack Doe, or Jack D. or username
Example #2:
Le Flore, 1:38, Scratch Build, C. Doe, or Charles Doe, or Charles D. or username (cdoe)

Donald Driskell
Regarding: Completed Models on display:

For those that wish to have your ship(s) or any models in the Gallery, please take the time to offer your model with as little distractions as possible. There are many here that present their model VERY WELL and it really makes editing so very easy.

However, unfortunately, some completed models that I get are often mixed in with other objects in the background and takes away from the pleasure.

I understand completely as I personally do not have a photo studio, or a shotbox, nor do I have a place to take good unclutter images of my project either. So, forgive me, I certainly do not want to be critical or a hypocrite. However, I do try lay a tan or white sheet either across my dinner table or coffee table and lift one side of the sheet to remove any background distractions. I will certainly admit that this is time consuming, but the end result is an image that you can be proud of displaying that the viewer can concentrate only on the model itself.

Also the larger the model is , the harder it is - I fully understand. However, I am simply asking that if all possible take a few extra minutes to plan out your photos. Please take no offense !!

I would like to express again that mainly for the well-being and safety of members that want their images on the Gallery Showcase, they must have a suitable background. Oftentimes, the images are taken so that the inside of one's home or residence can be seen (and with family pictures in the background). For the safety of the members, it is best that I can not post those images.
I also highly suggest that to be very careful about the images that you take of your ship that the background does not have family pictures and other personal items, like couches, beds, and near windows where you can see the neighborhood in the background. Please use common sense when you take images as these are being seen globally.
It is also very time-consuming to crop out background clutter. Unfortunately, I am going to have to be more discreet and selective in the future.


An example of good photography of your ship would be a SOLID background such as a plain sheet, or any background or surface that would NOT be distracting. I see many BEAUTIFUL ships I would love to add to the Gallery, but unfortunately, the ship is shrouded in clutter.

I realize that not everyone has access to the space and it can be a hardship as well to not only find the space, but the materials to make a nice photo. But an example would be a card table with fold-out legs and three pieces of white or black foam core. The foam core can be bought at any Art supply or any Hobby Store.

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