HMS Pegasus 1:24th scale

Sep 23, 2018

Now, what is this? Is this a kit or is it scratchbuilt? I'll leave it up to the mods to decide. I am copying the Victory Models 1:64th scale kit in 1:24th scale. My brother gave me the kit for Christmas a couple of years back. I enjoyed building the hull but - I hope I'm not coming across as being arrogant - 1:64th scale is way too small for me. After spending the last five years building a large model of a Dutch 17th century ship, this spring I felt like building something more technically advanced: a british 18th century sloop or frigate was what sounded appealing to me. Not wanting to invest too much money into the project I used material that I already had: the Victory Models kit. I decided to blow it up to 1:24th scale.

Here are some pics from May:

To fair the frames I used the same method that was used for the Hohenzollernmodel. I drafted a frames and waterlines plan of the Victory Models kit using my AutoCAD programme. Then each frame was printed out on cardboard and cut out:

Then these cardboard templates were used as guides to fair the frames:

After this stage was reached the project came to a grinding halt! However, she has been making eyes at me ever since and last weekend I felt like doing something more technically advanced again and designed the knee of the head of my 1:24th scale Pegasus:

Still the Hohenzollernmodel has highest priority! Every now and then I Need to look at something else though. Perhaps after the knee of the head has been built the project will come to yet another grinding halt for the next six months, we'll see. This might go on for ages!

Jul 22, 2017

My God Man!!! She will be massive at that scale. Just seeing her one the table gives the impression that she will roughly be about 72 inches long, give or take. I did enjoy the detail of using the "Quick Cheat Template" for fairing the bulkheads. That's a pretty smooth idea which I will toss into my "Idea Tool Box". Thanks for posting, I'll sit on the sidelines for now and follow along. Many thanks for your log, Ray.