Jul 2, 2020

Eugene, Oregon
Nice build. I got back into modeling after completing one which I traded off some rigging and added some small items, not in the kit that a gun crew would use. Poor photos but all that I could do for this one. Views taken from 24-hour clock positions. The second set of two is of an iron/steel barrel that I machined 50 years ago and bored for actual firing with a 0.288-inch bore but finding a fuse or small enough powder for the touch hole would be a problem. It is set in a foam board carriage simulation waiting for me to produce the actual carriage matching the barrel. I'll probably follow the design parameters set out in 'Building 18th Century Naval Artillery' by Damian Siekonic for actual sized firing naval cannon carriages matching barrels that can be purchased from various foundries. When I was a kid I used to make my own black powder to fire improvised cannons made with plumbing pipe. Dangerous but they worked and I survived.

Cannon Kit.jpgCannon from 0200.jpgCannon from 1600.jpgCannon from 2000.jpgCannon from 2350.jpgTurned 5.5 inch iron barrel.jpgIron barrel 0.288 inch bore.jpg