Lindberg Joseph Conrad 1/88 scale?

Aug 23, 2017

central Florida
I had always wanted a model of the Joseph Conrad after reading about it in Alan Villiers "Men, Ships and the Sea. Prior to a few weeks ago I didn't know of the Lindberg kit abd found one on ebay for a reasonable price. Some Lindberg plastic ship models are pretty good while others aren't worth the plastic they were molded from. This kit falls somewhere in between. To me the biggest drawback is the fact that the sails are molded with the yards. But I suppose that wooden yards can be fashioned using the length of the plastic yards as a guide. There are no separate belaying pins along the bulwarks as they are represented as molded into the hull. Everything else seems adequate. The instructions say the kit is 1/88 scale and if it is it is a small ship to be a square rigger. Less than half the length of my Revell Gorche Fock which is a smaller scale. I'll attach pics later.