May Flower from Constructo

Aug 16, 2019

First wood kit that I ever (TRY) to build was in 1982 when my first son was born
Complete disaster did not ask any question at just took first kit that got my attention no forum then and I was so certain of my skill 27y of plastic kit. So y throw the kit to Garbage with all the parts was a 3mast but do not remember the name

Got the second kit when my second son was born in 1985 was a the Open Waller (Lancia Baleniera) from Panart try to build it give up after one year but keep it this time and store it again at the time where no net and no advance glue was available.

In 2000 decide to try again this time ask question to my Hobby store friend
He suggest me to try the May Flower from Constructo.
I did a decent (far from a great one) build now in a casing in my living room

This is to said do not give up try and try again this is a hobby that need patience
Not necessary supreme skill just do your best001.jpg005.jpg006.jpg007.jpg009.jpg011.jpg