My Efforts With Fusion 360

Oct 19, 2018

Pawley's Island, SC
I read, with great interest, the recent postings regarding using Fusion 360. I have been trying to get into CAD for a very long time and have been unable to grasp the concepts of using some of the software programs. After reading some of your postings, I downloaded a copy of Fusion 360 and was just as confused as before and could still not draw a straight line. This was until I came across a couple of Gents on U-Tube. The first was Paul McWhorter with his "Learn Fusion 360 or Die Trying." It is a set of 13 tutorials and were very good and got me going. Yep, I could even draw a straight line after the first tutorial. The next Gent is Arnold Rowntree with his "Learn Fusion 360 in a Few Hours." His is set of 16 tutorials and he has a PDF of his drawing that you can use. Neither of these Gents did anything remotely resembling a Model Ship drawing but it was all of the other things that I picked up that I could relate to model building, or model plans.

The first attached file is a drawing of a mold for an 18 inch Sharpie. I started with plans with mostly straight lines. Curves were later on. As you can see it is basic. But better than what I had been doing. I am also interested in colonial boat that I would like to build someday. It has curves, etc. The second attachment are my efforts are tracing a JPEG and creating plans. If you like the plan layout for it I got that from watching Justin Gels "Cabinet Exploded View, Woodworking Tutorial. The third attached is a drawing based on his concepts. Keep in mind these are all learning experiences.

Anyway, I thought I would share my experiences with some of you who are also interested in learning Fusion 360 to enhance your model building talents. I have enjoyed working with Fusion 360. I realize I have a long ways to go yet and will probably never become an expert like Dave and a few others of you, but I'm at last able to do some CAD and will keep going until I can feel comfortable with using CAD.


  • Mould 1 Drawing.pdf
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  • Mepkin Abby New Profile Drawing 1-2 v1.pdf
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  • Centerboard Box Drawing v1.pdf
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