Need advice on rigging an antique fishing yawl

Mar 31, 2020

I have an old wooden boat model that needs your help. This model was handed down to me many years ago by my uncle who it served in the US Navy in World War II. If I remember correctly the label on the bottom had a date of the 1800s that has since faded away. I know that my father had replaced the canvas, Using the old sales for patterns, and lines years ago, however the mainmast and yard have broken off over the years in storage and it is in disrepair and needs some work. I would appreciate advice on whether I should repair or replace the mast and yardarm, also not so sure that the rigging was done correctly. The nails are all original and, as I remember, my father added the black rung portions of the rat lines. Thanks in advance for any help. Incidentally, my father was a custom tailor and used standard sewing thread for all rigging. Not sure if it is acceptable.


My apologies. I have just realized that I had not replied to you. Thank you for the advice. As I am more familiar with plastic kits, and have almost no experience in wood builds, much less trying to repair a 100 year old yawl that was my father’s. I would appreciate your further input and advice. My concern is twofold: first, the sails, mast and yardarm, as well as rigging were damaged over the decades, and being as old as it is, I am concerned about conserving this piece and not altering its original appearance. That said, the sails and rigging were replaced in the 1980s, though I do have the original sals, ( my father was a tailor and recreated the sails exactly. He also re-rigged it ). The sails have been recreated and rigging lines can be replaced without destroying the original model, however, would it be better to 1) replace the mast and yard, or, 2) should I effect the best repair on those parts to best preserve its authenticity? Also,can you recommend a good place to get a display case?
Thank you again for your advice