On Windows

Jun 20, 2020

Elyria, Ohio, USA
Hi guys, not a good today so I have been researching for something to occupy my time. I got to wondering about how the windows were made on period
ships, I know glass as of the 18th century but I mean before that. When glass wasn't readily available or economical. I looked and searched and found that
a natural mineral called "muscovite mica" was used. I read you peel off layers from the mica block or whatever it's called and you have a transparent-ish
window glass. Of course being a natural mineral there are diferent formations with colors, and I read of one that is clear when viewed straight on, then takes
on diferent colors as your view shifts to the side. I think this would be pretty neat stuff on a ship model. After searching more I did find a supplier that makes
the muscovite mica for use in microscopes. Available as rounds or sheets, sheets being best for a model :) Not all that expensive either.

Have a look: https://www.emsdiasum.com/microscopy/products/preparation/mica.aspx

Any thoughts, suggestions, laughs, or flushing sound bites???