Owners' Workshop Manual Series

Jul 9, 2019

Mary Rose.jpgHas anyone heard of or had a look at this series -- Owners' Workshop Manuals? There is a quite a range of volumes, from Star Wars models, to fighter planes, to the Large Hadron Collider atom smasher.

I came across this when looking at some stuff on the Mary Rose - Tudor Ship (1510-1545), and would love to hear from some other modelers if it is a useful book/series or not from the perspective of modeling.

Mary Rose - King Henry VIII's warship 1510-45: Insights into the construction, operation, rescue and restoration of a great Tudor ship and its contents (Owners' Workshop Manual)

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Hallo Eric,
I do not know this book or the series, but I tried to find out a little bit more in the web.

In principle it is looking like an interesting way to present some technical and partly historical information.
There are some ships available, most of the volumes are aero or astronautic subjects, but also several science fiction (I do not not know somebody could know how the Imperial Death Star worked )
Originally this series was really handbooks for repair and maintenance of motorbikes and cars

Naval themes we have (what I have found):
german U-Boot Type VII
Astute class submarine
HMS Victory
battleship Bismark
SS Great Britain
Destroyer Type 45
and the
Mary Rose

For me, this is a series, produced for a group of customer, which do not have any knowledge of a subject, maybe also as preparation for a museum visit, or afterwards for purchasing in the museums shop.

Mary Rose copy:
As author is mentioned "Brian Lavery", but if you take a look at the first page in the Look Inside on amazon you can read this words

Brian Lavery has asserted his moral right to be identified as the author of this work

I got the feeling, that the publisher had no real author, but copied available information from other sources, and I guess several from Lavery, which is usually a well known specialist of later british seapower, but not for Tudor ships. So there is no real author existing. It is a summary from other books and publications.

When you look at the available reviews on amazon, take a closer look at the review from Daryl Carpenter, which is maybe the most objective review.
Hello Eric,

I haven't seen the Mary Rose version but I just recently bought that same series of 'Workshop Manual' of HMS Victory.

If the Mary Rose book is the same or similar format as the Victory one then I'd say it's well worth obtaining.
I've just had the book a couple of weeks and I'm only about 30% through it and it's crammed with photos and drawings as well as a whole lot of information presented in an easy to read manner.
I'm not sure that a modeller would be able to build a model based solely on this book but it has heaps of stuff that could only be of great help to a builder.