Papegojan 1626

May 3, 2020

This early 17th century pinnacle is supplied by the Polish firm Shipyard. They produce excellent cardboard models and I choose the Papegojan to rebuild it into a Dutch VOC-ship of the same age. I rebuilt the whole stern into a VOC-ship that was built in Amsterdam in 1626. It could carry 180 tons of cargo (90 "lasts") and I rebaptised the ship to "Bommel", because this ship was built on an Amsterdam wharf for the VOC in 1626. The scale is 1:72 and all the pieces have been lasered. It is really a yacht, a smaller and fast sailing pinnacle with some armament that was intended to protect a small fleet of the bigger and slower ships (like Batavia) against pirates. The building of this ship took me about three and a halve years.34-3.jpeg34-3.jpeg35-1.jpeg35-2.jpg