Prins Willem Corel [Unboxing]

May 27, 2021

Hey guys,

Today my package arrived.
The Prins Willem from Corel. This project has to wait a little wile because I'm busy with another project.
But I can show you some result from the unboxing en my findings about quality of the wood and statures.

The wood is fom a verry good quality. And there is alot of wood. More then you need.
The ornaments are bronze with a thin layer of gold and mutch details.
Deadeyes, blocks, ropes and other small pieces are from good quality and brass pieces are from verry good quality.
There is no photo manual. Just 10 A1 papers with drawings but verry clear to understand.


Overal I think this kit is more than good quality. If I have to rate this kit in numbers I give it a 9/10
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Hi, My name is Frank, I am from New Jersey, USA. I also just purchased both the COREL Prinse Willem and Model Shipways Charles W. Morgan. I will start he C. W. Morgan first. I am fairly new to this and up to now I felt I may have bit off more than I can chew with the Prins Willem. While the materials are first class, the instructions and directions are absolutely horrible. When you start the P.W. please keep me informed of your progress, I would like to follow your building lead if you do not mind.
The Prins Willem is a more advanced ship to build and the manufacturer thinks you now all the basics of shipmodeling when you buy this.
There is also a book you can buy from the author Herman Ketting. I know it's in Dutch and German language but I don't know if it is in Englisch.
This book is a must have to complete this model historical correct.

When I start building this one ( in a couple of months) I let you know.
There's also al building log from @Steef66 about the Prins Willem.
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Many Thanks for this insight of the box - very informative
So we can expact also a building log, or?
Many Thanks for this insight of the box - very informative
So we can expact also a building log, or?
I hope he will do. There are not many of the Prins Willem, most are unfinished
Hi, Frank here, did you ever start the Corel, Prins Wille. Last time we chatted a (long time ago) you were going to start that ship.
Hi All, Frank from New Jersey, USA. I have not started the Prins Wilem. That will not happen for a while. I finished the Occre HMS Beagle a while back, then completed the Artesanias Latina King of Mississippi. I will be starting the Occre La Candelaria soon. I also have the Model Shipways Charles W Morgan to do after La Candelaria. I got the CWM on sale a while ago. All the above have excellent directions. The Corel Prins Willem really has me on a dilemma. The instructions are absolutely horrible to non existing. I do not think I am capable of handling that right now. Here is completed Beagle and King of Mississippi. Have a great spring and summer to all.



King of Mississippi 2.jpg

Hi push the button for the Prins Willem yesterday. Buy new at a special price of 550 $ CAD for the father day's. Thanks to let me discovered this ship.
Did you buy the Prins Willem yet? Who did you buy it from? That ship is over $799 US from Model expo. Great price.

I will not be building mine for quite a while. It is a bit to advanced, for me right now.
I can inform you about Dirk. He was building but paused it for a while due to other kind of hobby's. But like you say this is a very advance kit! A lot of people didn't finish it because of that. But what I understand is that Dirk just paused it and will finish it in time.
Hi, Just curious. Have you started to build the Prins Willem yet? Please send some pictures of your progress. Also your experience following those horrible directions that Corel includes. I also purchased that model a while ago But it is way to advanced for me right now.