Revell 1/24th 69 Chev Corvette

Apr 14, 2020

Melbourne, Australia.
Hi Guys,
I thought I would post some plastic models I have made.
I haven't built many car models the only other car was a F1 race car.
This kit was bought by my daughter many years ago, she made a start on it then stopped. Coming up to her 21st birthday I suggested I could build it for a present, this she agreed to.
I made a start by undoing some of the work already done and cleaning up flash etc, The kit went together without any real problems parts fit was quite good not much filling required either.
Here are a few photos of the chassis and cabin.
Part of the reason for this build was to do something different. I spent many hours painting, sanding and polishing to achieve the desired finish using Tamiya Lacquer, I mixed the color myself as I didn't like the standard color.DSC_1586.JPG
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I just had my booster rebuilt and plated, didn’t Vettes have the same finish? The master cap woul be cad as well. Top hold downs, raw steel.
Hi Sea Burd,
Do you mean the brake booster color? Do you mean the master cylinder? If so I just followed the instructions. I could also add that the car represented is modified, having 4 wheel disk brakes, therefore the color of items may be different to a "factory" color.
Yes custom is diff. I was thinking stock , not bashing at all, the detail you do is amazing. Sent my booster out for re plating. It’s a gold cad.
id like to pay you to do one for my car. Lol.
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No problem Sea Burd,
I am up for constructive criticism any time, truth is I didn't do any research really just followed the instructions. Do you have an early Vette?
I have a 78 trans am. GM usually had the boosters cad, top cove on master too.
I’ll see if I cann find you a pic of that year vet engine bay
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This is prob the stock look, i Doubt the black alternator though. The triangular air cleaner was dual quads?


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Very nice, real Americian musscel car, who doesn't like the sound of a big V8 throbbing away. Only problem is the fule bill these days!.. Over here a 78 Trans-am is a fairly rare car in my opinion. I saw one a couple of months ago in excellent condition, nice looking car with all black paint job with the fire bird on the bonnet, smokey and the bandit like.
I see what you mean, the booster color looks like zink passivized to me.