Roden 1/48th Bristol Fighter (with Sunbeam Arab Engine).

Apr 14, 2020

Melbourne, Australia.
I have built more plastic model aircraft than anything else, mind you still not that many compared to a lot of more serious plastic kit builders. My preferred era being WW2, these days I tend to stick to 1/48th scale. I find it to be a good balance between size and detail. For what ever reason I thought it might be nice to do something a bit different and make a biplane. Though I cannot remember why I chose this kit it is possibly because of the availability of AFC markings. The model is of a late WW1, Bristol F.2b (with Sunbeam Arab Engine). Australian Flying Core markings (advanced trainer).
I don't have any "being built photos" only some finished shots. From memory this was a fairly straight forward build, parts fitted well, out of the box detail is great with a detailed engine. Some thought needed to be put in for the rigging and final assembly of the top wing. I didn't use any PE for rigging attachment points.
There is only a small amount of weathering done on this model. I attempted to simulate wood on the prop and spars using different shades of brown.