Santisima Trinidad / OcCre kit

Oct 23, 2019

Finally something actually worth commenting on. My first big modification for this model - copper plating. Original OcCre kit doesn't have any copper plating and in my opinion adding this element looks good on the model so I decided to go for it.

First attempt was done with a very thin copper tape with glue already on the back side of it. It was very easy to make the tiles and to apply them on the hull.
On the picture you can also see the very complicated jig I made to produce the tiles.


I used this method up to this point. The problem with it was that on closer view copper tiles didn't look good enough for me. Also they were very delicate so this method was scrapped.

Fortunately I was able to buy a much thicker and stronger copper tape on-line. The downside was that making the tiles was a lot harder but they look a lot better in my opinion.