Simple Drawing

Jun 30, 2012

My simple drawing of the oil tanker Algol. I drew this on a large piece of white card with drawing pens, a ruler and some French Curves. Then I photographed it with a normal digital camera, and coloured it in on the computer, and finally added the reflections using the free Sqirlz software found online. I am not clever enough to be able to use CAD or things like that, but I probably get more satisfaction by doing it this way!
This type of ship is not of any great intesrt to me, but I made this drawing/plan because I helped to build the real ship, and then sailed in her for 6 months, mainly spent at Galveston Bar unloading 55,000 tons of oil a time from giant tankers, and taking it up to Houston!
The second image is a part-completed drawing of a British four-masted barque, still on the drawing board.

Oil Tanker Algol.jpgDrawing board (Small).JPG
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