Slot mod...

Sep 26, 2020

Missouri City, Texas
I ordered a limited edition Yenko 427 Camaro in 1/32 scale. It’s a slot car, so best of both worlds because it’s a working model! ;)
But when I received it, I was disappointed with how the driver was painted and the interior was too light and needed more detail. So I took it apart and decided to mod it even thought it is a limited edition.
Let’s look at the driver...
Not sure what they were thinking on that beard...but it’s horrible and he looks like a
So I dry brushed his clothes and repainted his face and hair and gave him a goatee. ;)
Now that the driver is presentable, let’s look at the interior...hmm too light for my taste. The car is gold, so I’m thinking a darker color.
So I decided to go with a saddle brown, which was a GM color in that era, so I dry brushed that after putting a base coat down. Then added the detail for handles gauges, etc.
With driver in seat and interior was time to put the car together again...
I’m happy with the darker much improved interior and driver. I made a few changes to the car too, that were subtle. I painted the side pipes black, except where the heat shield is. I also painted the lug nuts on the wheels, and added black in the vents above the hood.
So it’s done, modded and ready to rumble, old school style! ;)
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Wow Dean, now you have a nice set of special limited editions! Wel done!
Regards, Peter
Thank you Peter! I have around 50 cars right now, and still collecting! ;)
I categorize them by type race , Formula One, Trans Am, Can Am, LeMans, Indy 500, etc., and then by manufacturer.
I don't usually buy street cars, only race cars. But the Camaro was too nice to pass up, just needed some help on the interior detail.