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Smit Nederland by Modlerbob 1:200 scale Imai


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Aug 23, 2017

central Florida
This isn't really a build log but I do have some progress shots as well as images of the finished model. I started this kit many years ago but put it away for a move and it kind of vanished. Last week I was going through a closet where many of my plastic kits are stashed and found the Smit Nederland box hiding behind some other much bigger boxes. So I got it out and to my surprise, all the parts were still there so I finished it up. The hardest part was attaching the tires along the rub rails. I used black thread to attach the tires by drilling out the holes along the bulwarks. I had to use some micro decal film to prevent the decals from falling apart once wet. If a tugboat can be cute this one is. I would love to build the much larger Billing Boats version but it is too expensive for my budget.

work progress 001.jpg
Smit Nederland 001.jpg
Smit Nederland 002.jpg
Smit Nederland 003.jpg
Smit Nederland 004.jpg
Smit Nederland 005.jpg