SS Norderney Schreiber scale 1:200

Aug 23, 2017

central Florida
I bought this kit on ebay for about $10. Before starting it I should have scanned the sheets so that if mistakes were made I could have printed new sheets to replace the messed up parts. I crafted the lifeboats from pieces of balsa, the davits from heavy brass wire and the masts from wooden dowels and scrap wood on my work bench. This kit lacked any internal structural parts which I should have addressed before closing up the hull. The following images show the sequence of construction.

Norderneyl freighter 001.jpgNorderneyl freighter 002.jpgNorderneyl freighter 003.jpgNorderneyl freighter 004.jpgNorderneyl freighter 005.jpgNorderney progress 001.jpgNorderney progress 002.jpgNorderney progress 003.jpgNorderney progress 004.jpgfinal details 001.jpgfinal details 002.jpgfinal details 003.jpgfinal details 004.jpgfinal details 005.jpgfinal details 006.jpgfinal details 007.jpgfinal details 008.jpgfinal details 009.jpgfinal details 010.jpgNorderney complete 007.jpg