Suggestions for new BlueJacket Shipcrafters kits, please.

It's time to be thinking about the next new kit(s) from BlueJacket and we would like to know in what subjects you folks would be interested. If you'd like to make a suggestion, please list the vessel's name, type, time period, and desired scale. Email your suggestions to within the next two weeks.

Al Ross
How about modeling a large 5-6 masted Maine built schooner in small and medium scale sizes?
Thanks to all who responded to the survey. There were over 100 responses with a wide range of subjects. I'm going to run the survey for another week, then we'll analyze the results. If you have a wish list, let us know.
The kit survey will end this Friday, Feb 16, so you still have a few days to suggest some potential candidates. To date, I've received over150 suggestions with a very broad range of types and time periods. The most responses any named vessel received was 4, so there are no overwhelming results in that area. The largest group of named vessels was naval vessels, mostly USN and from the pre-dreadnaught and WWII periods. Most sailing vessel suggestions were from the late 18th C to mid-19th C and were trading vessels. Vessel lengths ranged from 20' to 1013'. Almost all suggestions were for US vessels. I'll provide more details after the survey ends.