The ultimate sailing ship model

Jun 30, 2012

The mighty German five-masted full-rigged ship Preussen, 1902 - 1920. An enormous square-rigger, that could carry 8,000 tons of cargo, powered by sail alone. The only commercial five masted full-rigged ship ever built, and powered by sail alone. Steam donkey engines were fitted, but these only supplied steam for deck machinery, steering gear, pumps, etc. The end came in 1910 when a small British cross channel ferry underestimated Preussen's speed and cut across her bows, resulting in a collision. Although the Preussen was not in danger of sinking, she lost her bowsprit, and half of the foremast, and became unmanageable, going ashore at Dover. Numerous attempts were made to get her off by both British and German tugs, but they all failed, and the Preussen eventually broke up. Model built to a scale of 25 feet to 1 inche, 1:300

Preussen (Large).JPG
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