track layout

Jul 2, 2020

Eugene, Oregon
They have RC sail a large lake would do just fine! ;)
Avast there mate . . . when do we begin building one of those as I put up months ago? He built one POF fully planked as a mold for the fiberglass hull which was then finished out RC. It looks like BN but could be almost any schooner around the 20's era. It was in the five to six foot hull size as I remember seeing it standing on the transom next to the builder when it was just out of the mold. I don't think that we would have a very large group build to be able to race round the bouys in one design manner. I have a large reservoir "lake" close by where I used to race in one design boats every weekend. Too many other things to do now than start another RC schooner and additionally not enough space to do it anywhere in my dockyard. Rich