Unusual ropewalks

Aug 4, 2018

Baltimore, Maryland USA
Nice finds I have seen a lego one but it was laid out differently. I think there was even one made from K'nex toy parts Its amazing what folks will come up with to get the job done, ingenuity at its finest. My wife complains when I keep old motorized toys old gear type clocks and timers, but I have used those parts for RC stuff many times. for example so props and motor combos will require gearing those little gears in a timer are usually in perfect ratios for this type of stuff. old cell phones have tiny brushed motors in them its what causes the phone to vibrate those motors are perfect for micro planes and the windings inside can be unwound so the fine enameled copper wire can be made into a micro coil to control a rudder or even a home brew brushless motor build. so call me a hoarder if you must my wife, but I'm a hoarder who has everything he needs to make things happen. lol