Varca ri conzu

Javier Baron

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Oct 22, 2018

This vessel of Sicilia called varca ri conzu (conzu means longline in Sicilian dialect) fished with this fishing gear near the coasts of Catania and Ragusa, even though occasionally also used pots and bottom trawling nets to fish.

These boats, of an elegant and stylish line, used to go profusely polychromatic with geometrical and figures as motives. Another typical characteristics are the acute prolongation of the bow stem that elevates much more than a mere functionality criteria would demand, and the presence of the spur that does not obey any specific function, and that it makes this vessel also known as “varca cu spiruni” for obvious reasons. Another singular characteristic of these boats is the spritsail which they are rigged with.

This model is made from the plan and illustration of this vessel that appear in the book “Vele italiane della costa occidentale” of Sergio Bellabarba and Eduardo Guerreri.