ZEEKOE a Dutch 74ft Katt in Scratch 1/66

Hello Chris,

You picked a nice simple project to give paper a try. I like your extensive considerations, they are part of the fun. But I'm an impatient man myself and in your place by now (a month after you started this thread) I think I would have finished the model :).
A few remarks that may be of some use for you:

You are worrying about the influence of moisture on the card and paper. Don't worry. As long as you keep your models out of the shower no harm is to be expected.

You ordered 2 mm card. That is beautiful material, but you will probably get into some trouble in cutting. In your place I would have chosen 1 mm card for easy cutting and double that where necessary. Keep in mind that the cut has to be correct right from the start, because sanding or making changes will always leave traces. No harm done though, you can always discard the part if you don't like it. And every new phase of the build gives you enough opportunities to hide the mistakes you made in the previous.

The best thing to do is use a very sharp blade. Those break-off knives are ideal, because you have a nice clean cut in a second by removing the old tip. Don't press the knife too much, follow the lines and cut several times rather than force your way through it.

You ask about the dashes in Chapman's drawing. I don't know what they stand for, but I suspect it has something to do with his way of constructing the plan. Perhaps they indicate the widest part of the frame? Anyway, don't bother, for your build they are of no visible use.

Keep me posted, I like your project.
Good luck,
Hy Ab,

thanks a lot for your answer - I would like to make more and faster progress but my day begins at 04:40 in the morning, I do go with my

dogs (one left the picture too early) went afterwards to work from 06:30 and usualy I am back at home 21:00. So my day does end at 23:00 in the night - there is not too much time to build every day I am for two hours in the train and in this time I can read, doodle or write. As I am in office today, too there may be some progress tomorrow.

The thickness of cardboard was something I struggeled with but due to good black knifed cutters and hardenered edges by superglue do hope for good results.

Wildes part of the frame may be resionable when at Home I will try out my frostpapier copies of the lines plan on the sideview.
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Sorry Chris, I had no idea that you had so little time available. As a retiree it seems unreal. It makes me realize how privilaged I am having so much time to spend on my (our) hobby.’Keep up the good work!
I was poking around and I found this build. I like your approach, deciding a theme for the ship and working out a baroque manatee decoration. You’ve inspired me to take similar measures with my first card project, a little sloop I’m working on. I can relate to your woes of not having enough time to make much progress, but I hope you find time to get your manatee’s hull put together soon!