Oct 15, 2019
I bought this kit through Amazon and was so happy receive to get the two big box’s . The first problem I had was that ther was almost no English including the parts list. I figured I would build it based on the photos. Then I discover parts where missing so I called the seller to get the English instructions and the missing parts. I was shocked to find out he would not help me and said I had to contact the kit manufacturer in China. I felt that he should take more interest in my problem.

I contacted Amazon and they said just send it back for a full refund. I explained that I had already built the frame so they said just to break it down and send it back. Well, being all glued up it suffices to say that this was not a pretty picture when done. If you receive this kit with mostly Chinese instructions send it right back.

I was so sorry to have to do this, having trembling hands and bad eye sight the size of this kit would make it much easier to complete for me.