74 gun

  1. Jeronimo

    74 GunShip 1/36 by Jeronimo

    LE CENTAURE 1782 Scale 1/36 April 2015 I started with the construction of the model and soon realized, " that is a big think" . I wanted to present it as a cross-section model with complete interior design, in the style of my model of "Bonhomme Richard". On some whim I finished the...
  2. Uwek

    book review The 74-Gun Ship BELLONA" (Anatomy of the Ship) by Brian Lavery

    Book Review: The 74-Gun Ship BELLONA - (Anatomy of the Ship) by Brian Lavery My copy is the original version published by Conway Maritime Press in 1985, the revised version has an additional 1:96 scale fould out plan in the book cover Hardcover: 120 pages Publisher: Conway Maritime...