de zeven provincien

  1. Herman

    DE 7 PROVINCIËN (1665) 1:50

    I have chosen for building this ship as my father left me the book "De 7 Provinciën" van G.C. Dik. A book that comes with a set of plans (1:77). Years later I decided to actually build this model. I wanted the model to be a bit larger than it would be on a scale of 1:77, envisioning a completed...
  2. 0Seahorse

    "De Zeven Provincien" 1:100 (scratch) - Seahorse New Design

    Hello, I start the design of the model "De Zeven Provincien". This is my second trial, I was not satisfied wit the first attempt. Short and meaningful information about "De Zeven Provincien" once written by Ab Hoving, which I will use as a quote: "... De 7 Provinciën was built in 1665 in...