harold hahn

  1. lesterpalifka

    HMS Bounty 1:48 Made to Harold Hahn Plans

    Starting to build the HMS Bounty. I have started to cut the frames out I currently have 18 Frames roughed out out of the 42 required. I bought a steam generator and built a steam box to steam the planks for bending. I also bought a thin rip jig for my table saw to mill my own planks. I had to...
  2. shota70

    the Colonial Schooner Hannah in 1/48 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello my dear friends :):) I am delighted to open a new log to document the ship building process. Many of you are familiar with The Hannah & The Practicum by Robert E. Hunt. some of you have even built as documented on the site. I have been asking for several years to develop and advance...
  3. G

    Rattlesnake by Harold Hahn 1/4´´

    Hello Just sending somo photos of my new proyect, The Rattlesnake The two proyects before were The Cutty Sark from Constructo and then The San Juan Nepomuceno by Artesania Latina . Now I feel confident to start this proyect that for sure needs more skills and tools. As I could learn from...
  4. Dave Stevens (Lumberyard)

    Cad design Alfred stern cad designing

    in this topic we will explore the methods and process to design a build of the Alfred stern section. to start out drawings of the stern are needed so going to the original we can get the over all appearance but the original drawings lack the construction detail.
  5. J

    HANNA build by JANET

    This is really an apology to all those members following my build log of HANNA. At this moment I am not to well, you see I have an illness which has taken all my strength and despite trying to keep my building moving on I just cannot carry on at this moment. My doctors are at loss as to know...
  6. Norway

    Rattlesnake 1/48 - Harold M Hahn

    This will be my build log about the Rattlesnake build that I liked from the first time I saw pictures of Harold M Hahn`s models and model built by Janos. I imagine this can be a pretty model even without carvings, this is something I'm not very good at. The drawings were purchased through Navy...
  7. Gventura

    Hannah 1/48 - Lumberyard

    This has been updated! Hello all! This is going to be my build log for the Colonial Schooner Hannah in 1/48. The Hannah is going to be built using Harold Hahn's plans and a timbering set from the Lumberyard. The plan is to do a full rigging as well. Sails may or may not be included, that will...
  8. Dave Stevens (Lumberyard)

    Sir Edward Hawk by Harold Hahn

    original drawings from the archives of Harold Hahn
  9. J

    HANNA obtained from Lumberyard

    I started my build of LUMBERYARDS HANNA IN December 2017 and as you can see from photo"s progress has been slow. I made so many mistakes I had to re-order more wood, which takes some time to deliver here in the U/K, how-ever my enthusiasm remains undaunted more pic"s to follow
  10. teleman

    Colonial Schooner Hannah by Cap'n Rat Fink - 1/4" scale - semi scratch - Mario

    One of my current builds. Hello All, I have started modeling again. It's not like I haven't had time. But have been wood working and bee box building. Having fun. But getting back to modeling now. I am getting back to my re-build of my Lady Kathrine, my Echo Cross Section, and now the Hannah...