le coureur group build

  1. M

    Le Coureur 1776, model 1:48 by muchi

    Happy new year! Creation of this kit is already underway for 4-5 months. I often referred to this group build when I didn't know how to make it. I recently made a boat. The frame was thin, delicate and fragile, and in fact, it broke in several places with a light sanding Since the position of...
  2. H

    Le Coureur 1:48 - Caf - by Hammer80

    over layed on schematic is it 3 mm longer that schematic but it fit on the cradel ok comment appreciated
  3. Tobias

    Le Coureur

    Das Model ist so toll und ihr habt mich sowas von angesteckt Ich konnte nicht Wiederstehen
  4. Alex R

    Le Coureur 1776 - French Lugger 1:48 - CAF by Alex

    Today I finished (well, almost) my Caldercraft HMS Snake 1:64 that was on the building dock for years...This allowed my ongoing build of HMS Enterprise to move to a different location in my shop. It still needs a lot of work, but all structural work is done. The shop is now re-configured to...
  5. Uwek

    Group Builds Building Logs of Group builds BLUENOSE, LE COUREUR and ALERT (kits)

    Still not every member knows our interesting group builds of kits where we also share the experiences in very interesting Building logs. In moment we have three kits running in our group builds - so if you are interested, please visit also these building logs on regular basis schooner...
  6. G

    Le Coureur 1:48 CAF model by Christian

    Hi everybody! Received my kit on monday, shipping was very very quickly! Book by Ancre arrived yesterday. Went through the parts and recognised, that the parts of the jig are warped. Does this matter or is that fixed by building it and fixing the bottom parts on a solid plate? I also browsed...
  7. MickeR

    Le Coureur 1776, CAF model by Micke

    Will put out my building's log on Le Coureur after some pressure from my fellow builders. I come from an island group of about 6500 islands between Finland and Sweden named Aaland Islands, but best known for Gustav Eriksson's and other local shipowners' large sailing fleets, that sailed on the...
  8. jeep

    Le Coureur a 1:48 model from CAF by JEEP

    Here we go.......................
  9. sisco

    Le Coureur 1776, CAF model by Sisco

    Hello to you all. Here I am Last night my gift came from Shanghai ( let’s say self - gift ) for my sixty years : my CAF model kit The Italian customs have thought well to join my festivities and have not demanded any customs duties . Last night I have completed the two boxes contents checking...
  10. O

    Le Coureur 1776 CAF Model by OT1138

    Hi everyone, I received my CAF model recently and like others, was missing E1/E2. Seeing as I had to wait for these to arrive as well as the Ancre monograph, I thought I would start with the smaller boat, some barrels and creates from the associated kits. At the very least, I hoped to get a...
  11. pianoforte

    Le Coureur 1776, model 1:48 by Adi

    After the nice colleagues here persuaded me to start my own log, I decided to do so. After I was impressed by the accuracy of fit of the parts from the beginning, I started to remove the char layer. Another possibility to grind the stuff gently and carefully was to use an elastic silicone...
  12. PoulD

    Le Coureur 1776, CAF model 1:48 by Poul

    I'm still waiting for the HMS Alert 1776 kit which I wanted to make my very first build. For now I do not want to build 2 kits simultaneously so it will most likely take a long time before I start on Le Coureur. However, I have been waiting since May and since I received Le Coreur kit from CAF I...
  13. Chello

    Lougre le Coureur 1776 CAF Model by Chello

    After being threatened by some senior forum members with walking the plank, a couple of sessions of keel hauling, Running The Gauntlet and some other punishments that are not appropriate to post I have given in and will start sharing my attempts to build le coureur from CAF. There have been many...
  14. Kurt Konrath

    Le Coureur 1776 1:48 by CAF Kurt’s Build

    Ok this is the beginning of my build log. I expect this build to take a year or more as I must wait to clean my workshop of other in work projects before getting along with this ship build I am starting with the ships boat first as you will see, a project in itself!
  15. Uwek

    LE COUREUR - french Lugger 1776 - POF kit from CAF in 1:48 by Uwe

    Today I want to start my building log of the Le Coureur But before I want to summarize the existing information available here on SOS A detailed Kit Review you can find here: https://shipsofscale.com/sosforums/threads/le-coureur-french-lugger-pof-kit-in-scale-1-48-by-caf.6002/ The...