model shipways

  1. H

    Model Shipways ELSIE 1910, Scale 1:64, by Halbaby7

    How do I start a build log for my project ELSIE ?
  2. Pathfinder65

    Chaperon 1884 Stern Wheeler

    The start of another build, a very different one as compared to my last four. I'm hoping the skill set learned with this endeavor will help with future builds. For today just a picture of the box, tomorrow I'll inventory the contents and post pictures of those. My intent with this "KIT"...
  3. Donnie

    USS Constitution by Model Expo

    Is anyone building the USS Constitution by Model Expo? I have done a search, but to my surprise, I have yet to find anyone building this version. Donald
  4. RogerD

    Syren 1803 1:64 Model Shipways

    I started building the Model Shipways Syren last year. I knew, because of other commitments, it would be very slow progress for me. Since joining SOS I have read through many logs, threads and posts. The knowledge of members, incredible model builds and workmanship on this site make it kind of...
  5. dpeno

    18th Century Longboat 1750-1760 Model Shipways 1/48

    Hello, After finishing my Grand Banks Dory I decided to try the 18th Century Longboat. I already have questions. The instructions mention attaching the false keel to the keel and stem after creating the bearding line. However they do not mention if you need to glue the two stem pieces together...

    USS CONFEDERACY (1778) - Model Shipways - Scale 1:64 - by ship

    KIT: USS CONFEDERACY (1778) Manufacturer: Model Shipways (USA) Scale: 1:64 (889mm/35") Single plank-on-bulkhead hull. My husband gave me a big blue box for Christmas 2020 - it is his tradition to give me a kit with a ship that was built in the area where we now live. Yes, this frigate was...
  7. Fred P.

    US Frigate Confederacy - 1/64 - Model Shipways - by Fred

    I started construction in December 2020. So I will do a brief summary of the previous episodes. Here is the box I received from Miami : I skip the description of the content of the box. Almost all the pieces are in basswood. Almost all of the pieces are in basswood. This wood is not the best...
  8. J

    Build Log: Norwegian Sailing Pram - Model Shipways - 1:12 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    20210313 Started work on the Norwegian Sailing Pram today. Both transoms are finished along with the keel board and 2 bottom planks. The pram has no frames that the planks are attached to; just the transoms and each other (internal bracing comes later on in the build). Assembly is upside down...
  9. Bluebeard

    Kit review U.S.S Constitution Cross-Section 1797 1:76 Scale Designed by Ken Foran

    Ok Guys, here is the review of the Connie Cross Section. Sorry about some of the pictures are a bit fuzzy, I was shooting in at a hurry because I had to return the shoot box. I hope you have room in the house, this is a 32" high espectacular model.
  10. Bluebeard

    Kit review Charles W. Morgan Whaling Bark 1:64 scale - Model Shipways

    Most of you guys know this fact but let me just start with a brief history according to MS. The Morgan was originally built fully-rigged, but right after the Civil War she was modified to become a double top sail bark. Her wailing days came to an end 1921 with the decline whale oil prices. She...
  11. Bluebeard

    Kit review Syren US Brig - Model Shipways Scale 1:64

    Hello to everyone. Today’s review will be from Model Shipways “Syren US Brig”. Super rainy day here in Miami but I managed to get to the store and prep. my little shoot box/table.
  12. Bluebeard

    Kit review USF Essex - Model shipways - scale 1:76.8

    Hello guys: Here is my first review of many to come from Model Shipways distributed by Model Expo. I’m sorry I don’t have a high end camera and all of the pictures are taken from IPhone, so I hope at least you can have a peek at what’s inside of all of these great models.
  13. A

    Model Shipways US Brig Syren

    Welcome fellow builders, to my first build log. This is my first very first wooden model and build log, so I suspect updates to happen frequently, but with little progress in between. I want to do this beautiful kit justice by building it to perfection (in my eyes). Maybe a bit more than I can...
  14. G

    Benjamin W. Latham

    I am building a model of the Benjamin W. Latham. Is is going along nicely. I am hung up on one area. The Transom. Trying to find the proper angle, the way the Plank sheer finishes to the Transom. Please help. Thank you. Gramps 79.
  15. B

    Build log; Pride of Baltimore II, Model Shipways

    Greetings-- I've been working on a model of (sort of) the Pride of Baltimore II and realized I hadn't posted a log here. Here's a link to my Model Ship World log; I welcome any and all comments from...
  16. jbradford

    Fair American - Model Shipways (Readding my build)

    I am guessing that my original build log is lost, so I am going to try to add it back here. I am still going to need a lot of help from you folks on this.
  17. Captgino

    Model Shipways Syren by Captgino

    Hi all, I was given an already started model of the Syren from Model Shipways. A very nice gift but I needed to do a lot of repairs and adjustments. I will be documenting my efforts on YouTube as well.

    Pinky schooner GLAD TIDINGS (1937) - Model Shipways - scale 1:24

    Process of building the model of the pinky schooner GLAD TIDINGS (1937) by the American kit manufacturer Model Shipways. The big blue box I received as a gift for my first Christmas in the USA. My husband gave me another kit of a schooner (as he dreams of his own large schooner) and now *his*...
  19. J

    First build-Katy of Norfolk

    Over 30 years ago I tried to build a Plank on Frame model. I failed miserably and gave up. I am now attempting to build a model once again. A big difference now is the information available on the internet and sites like SOS. I started my build before discovering this web site so I have some...
  20. David Lester

    Bluenose - Model Shipways - by David Lester

    Good Morning, Here is the beginning of my build log for my Model Shipways Bluenose. I am finding some interesting things to consider for this model and a few decisions to be made with respect to its detailing. First- good references are hard to come by and it's not always easy to make out...