sea of galilee boats

  1. Vfordyce

    Galilee Boat 16” [COMPLETED BUILD]

    This is my second Galilee boat log. This is a smaller boat than the 26” boat I previously built. I’ve learned some things from the first boat, but I expect some new challenges based on the smaller scale. Also, this boat has a square sail compared to the 26” boat. It’s based on the First Century...
  2. Vfordyce

    Galilee Boat kit from Scott Miller [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I’m starting the Galilee Boat by Scott Miller, a maker of excellent guitars. He makes boats and kits based on a boat from the First Century AD that was found at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee. This could very well be the kind of boat that Jesus plied the sea with during the early part of that...
  3. GAStan

    Sea of Galilee Boat-Scott Miller 26" [COMPLETED BUILD]

    The Admiral gave me this for Christmas :D. It's a kit frome Scott Miller, a guitar maker as well as a model ship maker. Here is the link: Galilee Boat USPS was rough with the package. Fortunately because Scott did such an excellent job packing the kit no damage was sustained...