1. fukui

    HALIFAX 1775 

    ずZHL製 中華モデルです。
  2. js747a

    BonHomme Richard alias DUC DE DURAS 1/35

    A long Time ago I found pictures of a model of the BonHomme Richard in a Modell Ship Forum. It was build in 3 Parts. So I build also my first Part of the BonHomme Richard 1/35. Here I post pictures
  3. S

    USS BONHOMME RICHARD - POF - Cross Section in Cherry - 1:48

    Hi everyone. I received new model :) I can't wait to start.
  4. Oldpaperone

    USS BONHOMME RICHARD - POF - Cross Section in Pear - 1:48 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I shall start a thread of my construction after Uwek made a convincing argument for me to post my adventure. This is were I am up to with my build. I will continue.....
  5. Larsa

    USS Bonhomme Richard 1/48 Section-Pear version by Larsa

    Starta detta
  6. carlosys

    USS BONHOMME RICHARD - POF - Cross Section in Cherry - 1:48 - by carlosys [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hi everyone. It seems that this model is fashionable in the forum so I will collaborate with my progress to help all the colleagues who are doing it too. For my part, I will learn from your work. The first steps do not have much mystery. In my case, I am deck by deck in order to adjust each...
  7. neptune

    USS BONHOMME RICHARD - POF - Cross Section in Cherry - 1:48 - by neptune,

    I have had these kits for approx two years now and I have been holding off starting them, once Uwe started his build log it got my juices flowing so here goes, and by the way I will be building two of them at the same time, I will post some pics of the kit contents in awhile, but for now, This...
  8. Uwek

    USS BONHOMME RICHARD - POF - Cross Section in Pear - 1:48 - by Uwe

    Yesterday I started the first activities on my section model - in order to warm up At the end it should look like this a kit review you can find here...
  9. Uwek

    Kit review USS BONHOMME RICHARD - Full rib Cross Section (Pear version) - Scale 1:48 - Unicorn models

    Based on the extreme good quality I could see in the building log of @OlegM with his USS Bonhomme Richard from the same manufacturer https://shipsofscale.com/sosforums/threads/uss-bonhomme-richard-1779-1-48.3383/#post-66384 I was convinced, that this section model will be also a very good...
  10. O

    USS Bonhomme Richard 1779 1:48 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hi everyone, I thought maybe it's not bad idea to share my current build - I'm doing it since January 2018 and the hull is almost comletely finished, just some final touch-ups untill I move to masting... I will post photos from the beginning, maybe several times per week. I'm not very good in...
  11. Koreets

    Halifax, colonial schooner. Unicorn, China. Scale 1:50 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hi everybody. Just received an invitation to join this forum. Thanks a lot! Will start a carreer here from the model which was completed recently. Several pics to start with))
  12. B

    HMS Druid 1776 Stern Cross Section 1/128 by Unicorn Model

    So wile my 1/48 Enterpize gets unstucked from the costums department, this little guy made it trough, i really wanted to see by my self how dubious the instructions to assemble these chinese kits would be... well this one is 50/50 some parts are not listed but the kit it self is not so big , so...