1/450 Gunze Sanygo QE2

Hey Chris, that is an AMAZING build, don't be too modest :) Was it a Gunze Sangyo or Revell kit? I am going to be starting a Revell kit soon, but the instructions that came with it are really not great... if you built the Gunze Sangyo and still have the instructions somewhere, would you be able to send a pdf of those to me? I want to make as clean a build as possible, and that would help. Also, the railings... those are not included with the revell, I assume I can use any 1:450 (even 1: 500 I guess) metal railings to upscale the whole thing? Did you have a specific make that you used?
Hi Thanks. I built the Revell kit but it looks exactly the same as the Gunze Sangyo. I have the Gunze instructions and I sent you the PDF's of them. No railings included. I bought the 1/450 Merchant Ship set from Gold Medal Models.
I am so impressed with the skill that Chris used to make perfect looking PE railings! He really was GREAT at his builds. I wish we would have been able to see more of his artistry.