A little bit about carving and a Sovereign of the seas model hand carved in pearwood, in scale 1:72

Hi empartry

I only made the drawings of the figures in scale of the model for Wolfgang Rotter. He carve it and gild it. I know that he use not primer before he
put the gold color on the figures.
I gilded my model of the York with gold leaves. Before I could do this, I must the figures paint with shellack
and than I put 12 hours mixteon ( glue for gilding) on and put the gold leaves on it.
In the same way i was gilding the my pipe holder ( Royal Katherine figure head )

Willi (schifferlbauer)
Thank you Willi Thumbsup! I have gold leaves at home but never used them for a shipmodel. I will have a look upon your York and see if I should have to improve my "tour de main" (with gold leaves) or if I take a (good quality with gold into it varnish) painting finish. Merci beaucoup !
Hi empathry
If you want a good shining leav gilding, a very smooth surface is necessary. Therefor I use the shellack .
If the the shellack is dry put with a hard flat brush the Mixtion on the figures and be careful that in the
deeper parts also the painting is very thin. Than you must wait around 14 hours til the painting is so dry
that it not glue on the fingers. Now you can lay on tiny parts of the gold leave with the brush, till the figure
is covered all around with gold parts. At the first sight it looks ugly, but after you clean it again with the brush
you have a perfect shining gilding. It will be well if you use a small paper box to catch all the gold leave parts
the falling down and use the gold dust to put it with a hard brush into the deeper parts where by the first
gilding no gold leaves got in.

Willi (schifferlbauer)
Hi Willi,
Good description! Is the 'mixtion' also called 'size'? This latter dries quickly, it is touch-dry after some 15 minutes and the leaf can be applied for only about 10 minutes because afterwards it is completely dry and the leaf does not stick. Can you specify the 'mixtion' please so I can try? I am working on a figure head of the Barcelona galley and despite my earlier bad feelings about leafing I will try it again - but I need a good size!
Hi Willi,
Just after I posted I found 'mixtion' and ordered it. I hope the best.
Thank you Willy ; I have been using (like Janos) something which dries after 15 minutes and the result has not been very good. I will try the same products than you use and hope my results will be more successfull !
I am just waiting for the delivery of the Mixtion and I will run a try then.
It was hard for my eyes to find out, what some figures shows, because the all are very small on the Van de Velde drawing.
And also not easy to draw, because some times the peak of the pencil was to thick fore good details. So I must made
some detalils in a biger size, to show Wolfgang what he must carve.View attachment 104144View attachment 104145View attachment 104146View attachment 104147View attachment 104148View attachment 104149View attachment 104149View attachment 104150View attachment 104151View attachment 104152View attachment 104153View attachment 104154View attachment 104155
This is truly amazing carving work. Hard to imagine the skill to do it. Rich
Willi thanks for sharing this wonderwel build I just discovered