Billing Boats Calypso - Build Pics - Custom 3D printed parts

Oct 2, 2020
Cypress; TX USA
I completed my Calypso in about 14 months. My CFO bought be a 3D resin printer for fathers day; so many of the fittings are custom designed and printed. Yes I do sell them; contact me at and I will send you the information. This kit as some issues; mainly the forward bulwark is too tall; also the hurricane deck must be split for use as a RC design; this can my the deck bow. I used some tapered shims to hold my deck down. Also used magnets to hold the helicopter and sub in place. Hope the pictures help you with your build. Port Side - Copy.jpg20200929_183108.jpgStarboard Deco Tank.jpgFill Station.jpgFor Deck.jpgElectronics.jpgTool Bench and Diving Helmet.jpg3D Printed Winch and Hatch - Copy.jpg20200929_185809.jpg20200929_183345.jpg92827720_3466425310040269_4792124822962307072_n.jpg shims to make my deck snug in place. Also used magnets to hold my helicopter and sub in place.