Bismarck 1:200 GPM 22'2011 Nr.182





It's the lower part of the hull.
1. make 2 copies of the frame parts, 1 copy of the shell parts
2. build the original frame.
3. cut the copies out, make sure they are smaller than original frames and shells
4. put the frame copies to the corresponding position and stick the inner shell parts.

5. polish the hull
Hey Zoly I have a friend whom is Polish he has built some amazing card kit models sailing ships, modern fighter aircraft, and destroyer, battleship he has a number of the card kits like the one you show in the first pick,geez they look complicated and soooo many parts I momentarily thought it would be cool to build the 1945 Missouri but naaaahh, not yet need to get more skilled, anyway I tip my hat to tour progress so far that hull is awesome and it doesn't look like card at all testament to your craftsmanship.